Please prepare a P & E game guide in the Korea Game Industry Association

The korea game industry Association suggested that guidelines and tax benefits are required for P & E (Play and Earn, and money to make money) in order to enter the global market share of domestic games.

On the 30th, a member of the National Assembly held a debate at the National Assembly Experience Center on the theme of ‘The Game Industry Current Application and Future Tasks’. Professor Jean Chang (Gangnam National University Cultural Contents Industry Division) announced the recent trends and trends of the game industry, and Professor Yew Byung-soo (Department of Business Administration, Seoul National University) suggested how to support the new government’s game industry. The discussion was attended by Chung Punjab, Director of Game Contents Industry, Lee Jae-won, Chairman of the Korean Game Policy Science, EUN Hyundai (Kim & Chang), and Choir Byung-soo, Director of Policy Bureau.

Park Boleyn, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said, The false of our console game ‘P’ won three crowns in the world’s three game shows, he said. Park analyzed that the propaganda of ‘false’ was the main effect of the 4th industrial revolution technology in the story of the world’s classic ‘Pinocchio’. He then emphasized that the Ministry of Culture is a game-friendly ministry, he promised, We will support the game person and take the lead in protecting the rights of users with a textured policy.

Professor Jean Chang pointed out that the possibilities and limitations of P2E games and NFTs recently appeared at the same time. The possibility is that game companies can secure various profit models by virtual asset distribution fees. The limit is that if NFT distribution is linked with cryptocurrency, the public is exposed to instability of cryptocurrency. In addition, the recent interest in NFT has also been unstable.

Designation was also important. Since 2018, the Chinese government has been strictly issuing not only foreign games but also domestic (China) games. As a result, the Chinese industry is taking a ride in China. As Chinese game companies enter the global market, competition between domestic game companies and Chinese game companies is intensifying in the global market.

Professor Yew Byung-soo argued that it is necessary to allow P & E games with blockchain technology. In Korea, P & E games are impossible due to currency exchange and deliberation. Professor Yew Byung-soo expects that the game industry will have a great job creation through P & E games as an employment-friendly industry. Professor Yew stressed that some P & E games are required by regulatory re-establishment. It is explained that it will be improved from the current dichotomous regulation to some dichotomy regulations.

It was also suggested to improve the working environment considering the characteristics of the game industry. Professor Yew proposed to introduce a single-year-old flexible working hours’ system, saying that it is difficult to keep 12 hours, which is a 24-hour service in the world. In addition, he requested conditional exemptions to be conditionally restricted in terms of securing labor and international competitiveness.

Professor You suggested that it is necessary to introduce the introduction of the White Collar Exemption. Since the IT and cultural contents industry evaluates working value based on achievements through creativity and innovation, it is necessary to give discretion and productivity for business hours if the standards such as a certain wage level and wage work are correct.

Professor Yew Byung-soo said, Our country’s users and game companies are the highest level, he said. If there is any problem, it is necessary to leave the best users and game companies to solve them. For example, problems such as probabilistic items will be solved by game companies and users.

Lee Jae-won, chairman of the Society, suggested the experience of the Game Water Management Committee. If you consider self-grade civilization and follow-up focus on follow-up, the contents of the contents can also be settled by following and simplifying procedures, he said. It can be connected as an important opportunity to autonomy with responsibility and obligations.

For the blockchain game, it is a priority to prove that the game company is safe to society, the chairman said. Blockchain and NFT technologies are essential for future technologies, but they also cause side effects, he said. I have to do it.

Choir Byung-soo aimed to enter the global market share of the Korean game industry. He aims to enter the 10 % range to develop a differentiation strategy to develop the domestic game industry. Only the US (21.9%), China (18.1%), and Japan (11.5%) with a 10%share in 2020. Korea is ranked fourth with 6.9%. Korea is forming a box with the UK (6.1%), Germany (4.6%) and France (4.5%). Choir has given the goal of breaking away from the box and settling the world’s fourth place.

Choir said, We need to diversify the game genre by providing guidelines and services for new technology combining games such as meths and P & E games. In addition, he added that it is necessary to improve the elimination of the grace period of SMEs, to reintroduce business loss reserves, to expand the investment of investment win-win taxation system, and to support tax support to create a virtuous cycle ecosystem of e-sports industry.

Representative Lee Yong-ho, who hosted the debate, said, President Soon Seok-yeol has announced that it will reorganize the system to protect and revitalize the domestic game market. I will prepare a way to exchange opinions from various angles.

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