Virtual reality of fear

Horror movies and other fear films should be as envelope as possible, if not, what are the point? If you are not immersed in the atmosphere of what is happening, you will not feel the emotions that invite you to experience.

To attract people, the creators of games, movies, virtual visits and other contents turn into atmospheres, sounds, lighting and effective mechanics. Virtual reality has greatly expanded the possibilities of visual content developers, offering additional ways to attract users through the use of virtual reality glasses. And now the virtual reality scares in software and games, videos and online visits.

A fear mountain for virtual reality glasses

The virtual fear of fear has given new life to the well-known Russian mountain. How do you think it is the most terrifying virtual reality roller coaster? For more than a century, this attraction is considered one of the most popular in the world. You must admit that you would love to get on a roller coaster yourself, getting an adrenaline injection and a great mood. An investigation carried out in 2016 shows that this attraction is still standing and remains one of the most coveted by most parks in the world. The Russian mountain contributes greatly to the success of the attraction industry as a world tourist export.

Today, the digital age has introduced a new approach to the roller coaster, specifically introducing the RV, making the experience partial and sometimes completely virtual, but not less exciting;

The RV in the Russian mountains can be an aid to create an alternative reality (for example, visitors to attraction, with the help of special glasses, may experience being underwater or in space simultaneously with the main action of the attraction), as well as to create a completely virtual reality, in which the attraction itself is not even needed.

The first roller coaster in the world with improved virtual reality was presented in Europe in Europe-Park in Germany in 2015: RV technology joined the existing roller coaster;

Until now, this new technology is not a threat to the demand for conventional slides without RV elements. For example, more than 30% of the attraction parks in Europe and the United States have already implemented virtual reality in their usual attractions, so very soon the enjoyment of attractions with RV will be the norm. However, there will still be a simple roller coaster for those who do not want or cannot use virtual reality capabilities;

Some Russian mountain manufacturers (such as Camera) have already launched their own virtual reality division. They produce their own profits and gadgets, adding RV capabilities to their products;


Virtual reality can literally give a second life to projects that approach at the end of their useful life. An attraction charges quite ancient in a state of the US could have successfully incorporated virtual reality in a roller coaster of fear, but instead the business owner chose to close it. However, those traditional Russian mountains that were practically not profitable but that implemented the RV (such as Kraken Unleashed in SeaWorld and Galactic in Alton Towers) turned out to be a success, not only not breaking, but increasing their sales by 50% or more. Thus, virtual reality should be considered an additional asset to the infrastructure of the Russian mountains and the supply of products, rather than a threat to the demand for conventional slides.

Many RV enthusiasts have enjoyed a joint offer of Six Flags and Samsung Gear VR. The two companies have joined to launch special virtual reality attractions in the thematic parks (for now only in America). The essence of attraction is as follows: the participant has to wear Samsung Gear VR headphones driven by Oculus and enjoy a virtual reality trip while traveling a real roller coaster. One of the most terrifying virtual reality mountains ever created is Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, by Supermassive Games. It has already become a classic of terror in virtual reality.

During almost the whole game you have to ride a roller coaster through a house simply full of clowns, spooky puppets and other characters capable of scaring any1. This virtual game shows that, in reality, there are many spooky things to fear much more than to ride a roller coaster. You can read more about the game here.

Virtual fear games

For decades, horror fans have enjoyed films and games without the effects of the presence. However, today technology has reached a new level and if you are a fan of fear games, then you must pay attention to the games combined with virtual reality. When a person puts glasses or a helmet, it is much easier to believe in what he sees, in the real. Let’s look at the most frightening virtual reality games.

AFFIXED: The Manor.

The game is available in PlayStation VR. AFF EED is not the type of horror game you can play for weeks, but a carefully elaborate search that enters its own atmosphere of dread.; This game is not new :; It has been existing since the time of the Oculus Rift DK1 and since then it has gone from Steam for PC VR to its appearance in PSVR.

Alien: Isolation.

It is a classic of modern terror and one of the best games in its category. Suitable for PC VR. The story is based on the iconic horror movie. In this game you have to survive between the mesomorphs by any means, and the pure feeling of horror that produces while hiding, looking for the corners, is fantastic.


The game is available on PSVR. It is one of the oldest RV games, and also one of the most frightening. Dread halls is a winding labyrinth in which you have to look for an exit to survive. The labyrinths are full of monsters. The idea of the game is simple and ingenious, so it has not lost its popularity over the years. Survival, of course, is for the bravest and desperate. Even five years after its launch in the Gear VR, it is still worth playing.

The Exorcist: Legion VR.

The game is suitable for PC VR. The exorcist is one of the most scary horror movies of all time. Unfortunately, many of the sequela created have been decidedly less scary, but that is not the case of this game. In it, you will face your most spooky fears. The game mechanics is simple and direct, so the game gets a great point in favor.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Probably the most popular horror game of recent times. Available in PSVR. A high-budget game with RV rules that leaves no anyone indifferent. As you will have guessed, the game is based on the famous box office success. Play.
Of course, there are many more virtual reality games that scare, but we have only covered the most popular.

Fear virtual visits

The Scary Virtual Tours are this type of online tours in which the spooky places of our planet are explored and not only. Prisons, cemeteries, enchanted houses. The RV industry is rich in imagination and fantasy. The fear tours demand increases before each Halloween, however, all are available throughout the year. By the way, the list of fear trips includes both content for over 18 and available videos for children to see.
In addition to fear, positive emotions can also be had in virtual reality.
Simulation games have become an interesting way to perform competitions in a virtual world with the parameters of a real competition. An example of its popularity is football at HTTPS: // It is essentially a fictional (robots) tournament that has all the specificities of the real world. An automated bot, through special programs and algorithms, develops a game plan, and the betting can use virtual reality to test his skills in serious sports prediction.

The mysterious Winchester house , in San José (California), is a famous monument and an enchanted house. For more than 30 years, Sarah Winchester has renewed her mansion tirelessly. She tells the legend that the widow believed that the ghosts of all the people killed by the Winchester rifle persecuted her, so she continuously renewed her house to dissuade the spirits. This mansion is an architectural icon with a disturbing story. This virtual visit is only for the bravest. For more information about the tour, visit your official website: HTTPS: //

The catacombs of Paris . This is one of the most spooky places on the planet. To make room in the city’s cemeteries, officials have exhumed the bones of the dead for a long time and have re-built the remains in underground vaults. As a result, kilo metric tunnels full of skeletons under the French capital have been formed. More than 300,000 tourists visit catacombs every year. You don’t have to travel to France to make a tour, simply make an online RV tour. Advantages: There is no claustrophobia or agglomerations. Disadvantages: The route is very dark and chilling. It is said that its creators have taken care of the special atmosphere of the route. More information about the tour here: HTTPS: //

Chernobyl . In Chernobyl there was the largest catastrophe of a nuclear power plant in history. The population fled the city, leaving behind rusty and ruined buildings. In recent years, the Government has relaxed some of the restrictions that prohibited visitors from visiting the place, but the best way to explore the surroundings is still an online visit.

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