Difference in values from overseas? CHAOS; HEAD NOAH, which is usually sold in Japan, is not sold, and has been discontinued.

Spike Consort revealed that the distribution of Chaos; Head NOAH , which was scheduled to be distributed on October 8, was stopped in a hurry.

According to the official announcement, the release on Steam requires a change in the content based on the guidelines, and the game has been stopped because the game standards cannot be met. The overseas Nintendo Switch version will be released as scheduled, but the PC version will be considering another sales method, and will make a formal announcement as soon as the details are decided.

This work is a console version that adds additional elements to CHAOS; HEAD released in 2008. A story where boys and girls who have the ability to change delusions in reality, including Tatum Said, a second-year-high school student, a second-year-high school student, will be developed.

After being released for Xbox 360 first, it is distributed to PSP/PS Vita/PS3/Nintendo Switch/iOS/Android, etc. This is the first work of the Science Adventure Series known for Steins; Gate.

A system called delusion trigger is a feature of this work, and the story branches by delusion. Some include sexual and violent and grotesque scenes. Although it is not clear why the Steam version was discontinued, it is not clear, but the appearance of the minor (high school student) in a terrible scene or sexual scene violates the Steam guidelines, so it is required to change. It is thought to have been.


Domestic Xbox 360, PS Vita, and switches are sold in HERO category Z (for only 18 years old or older). It has been reported that the PSP/PS3 version is restricted in expression, and despite the HERO: Z, some scenes are compatible with the PSP/PS3 version.

On the signature activity site Change.org, Valve is being implemented to allow the distribution of this work. In this signature, the switch version has passed the rating mechanism, MATURE (17 years old or older), and PEG has passed 18+, and it has been decided to sell at retail stores such as GameStop and WALMART. I am disgusting that Steam has only refused to sell it. He also criticized the company as when releasing anime-style content, the standards are not consistent and unjust visual novel prohibition orders.

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