Overwatch 2: How to play May

May is part of Heroes of damage in Overwatch 2 and is considered a reliable choice in this category. For players in whom May is in Overwatch, it will be unlocked for them in the continuation of the game, but new players must go through the second phase of the first user experience initiative to open May.

May was originally a tank destroyer, but now she gained advantages in other gaming areas, which makes her still a strong choice for players. May can destroy problem goals whenever they appear, and it can still turn into a beast, especially on maps with crowded rooms and narrow passages. Here is a guide on how to play May in Overwatch 2.

Explanation of May abilities

* Endothermic blaster
* May uses this ability through its main and additional weapons.

Initial: * The main blaster May releases a concentrated ice stream that causes damage and slows down the enemies. Each hit reduces the speed of the enemy by 50 %, and the slowing effect lasts 1 second after applying the last tick of damage.
Secondary: * May can use its additional weapons to shoot shells similar to icicles at an average distance.

* Cryo-zamorotka
* May will instantly cover with a thick piece of ice when using this ability. She will ignore incoming damage during the process, but cannot use her abilities or move. May can heal herself up to 200 as a whole and 50 per second. The maximum wall duration is 3 seconds, and the minimum is 0.44 seconds. The restoration time is 12 seconds.

* Ice wall
* May creates a colossal ice wall that blocks the attacks and the viewing line and stops the movement. The health of the wall is 250 on the pole, and it sets five pillars. The maximum range of its ability is 20 meters, and the time of restoration of the ability is 12 seconds.

* The ultimate ability of May is to place a weather modification that emits gusts of wind and snow in various fields. Enemies who have fallen into the snowstorm slow down and get damage, but if you linger in place for 2.5 seconds, you will be frozen for a while. The duration of the ability is 4.25 seconds, and the ultimate ability costs 1610 points.

* Tips and tricks May *

  • May is a good fighter when it comes to the battles of 1 on 1. The use of an endothermic blaster will give her an advantage over enemies. If its icicles are used accurately, you can cause significant damage to short and long distances.
  • Use the ability of the Ice Wall to distract or lure the enemy into a trap, block the line of viewing of enemies and force them to divide into different sides of the map. Non-confusion will create the opportunity for your team to attack the side with a numerical advantage.
  • May can use its ability Cryo-Freeze to become invulnerable. Nevertheless, abilities can pass through it and affect its allies, so use the ability for short queues to avoid damage. May can also combine her cryo-carrier with the ability Ice Wall to get out of difficult situations, even when the number of people surpasses them.

* May can deactivate her ice wall by pressing the same button, and it must do this if the walls become an obstacle to the movement of her command.
* Blizzard is a powerful ability that affects a wide range of areas, but it still needs 2.5 seconds to completely freeze enemies. Use your main fire at the beginning of the ultimate to slow down even the fastest enemies in your ultimatum area, or use your ice wall to block the passage so that you can freeze even the fastest enemies.

The best settings of the sight May

May is a character requiring accurate and accurate aiming. For May, we recommend using smaller green nets ( green small cross ) to hit the target.

The choice of green color will be better, as the game is full of colors, so you want your color to differ, and green contrast with the enemy red contour.

The best cosmetics for May

Cosmetics are everyone’s personal choice, but our favorite skins and other cosmetics on May will be. This cosmetics goes well with the character of May.

Skins: Eco point Antarctica, Halloween Terror and Winter Wonderland.

Emotions : A snowman or a companion when you fall into an ideal snow storm.

souvenir : Kings Payload or mechanical brain

Victory pose: World or toast

Select the screensavers : skating or climbing!

Changes May in Overwatch 2

May underwent various changes to Overwatch 2, but in general she looks like her previous version. Here are some changes made by the developers.

  • Her endothermic blaster now slows down the movement by 50 %;
    She used to freeze and stunned the enemies.
    The duration of slowdown is reduced from 1 to 0.5 seconds, the damage per second is increased from 55 to 100, and the armor is now 150 from a value of 120.
  • Sigma Granitic Flux effect can no longer be removed using Cryo-Freeze.
  • The ice wall is weakened, since the health of each column decreased from 400 to 250, and the range of action is reduced to 20 meters from 30 meters.
  • The cost of its ultrasound is also increased by 15%.

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