Diving at Coral Island explained: how to dive, creatures and more

Diving in Island of Coral is one of the unique aspects of the game. It is easy to spend days underwater cleaning and exploring the depths of the local reef. This guide it through everything you need to know about how to dive on Island of Coral .

How to go to dive on the island of Coral

Shortly after arriving at Coral Island, he will receive a long letter, a marine biologist, inviting him to meet her at the diving dock. Travel to the dock, which is close to the beach. Cross the two bridges to the right of your farm, then follow the indications to dive.

When you get there, talk to Ling. She tells you that she can no longer dive, which is a shame because there is a lot of cleaning to do and many valuable algae that are wasted. Maybe you could try to dive for her, he suggests, offering you a diving suit.

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After talking with Ling, you can go to dive whenever you want. Walk a little more on the dock, and you will see a ladder that leads to a boat. Right click to start diving, and that’s it! Once you are underwater, there is much to do before you stay without energy, so use your actions wisely while you are there.

Delete paper

The whole area is covered with garbage when you arrive at the reef for the first time. Use your scythe to hack the garbage and clean it. You will gain garbage and, sometimes, you will discard resources cleaning lots of garbage.

Activate Forbes

As the garbage cleans, you will find solar orbs, magical elements that can help you cure the damaged coral sites. When I find them, right click to activate them. At first, it will seem that nothing happens, but soon a mysterious monument will rise from the sand and emit a burning light that spreads through the sand.

If you have not cleaned all the garbage in the area, the remaining garbage can block the light beam. Clean the garbage highlighted in red and the light will continue to spread until the surrounding reef is extended.

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Collect seaweed

Many algae colors grow around the reef. At first, you will not see much, but as the reef and explores deeper areas, more types of seaweed will appear. Algae can be collected and sold or used to manufacture tools and appliances for your farm. Bronze algae, for example, can be used to make an extractor. Once elaborated, the extractor can extract the essence of algae. Take this essence to the laboratory to improve the quality of your seeds, so you can reap better quality products.

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Catch bugs


At first, there will be much life to talk about underwater. But as the garbage cleans and heals coral sites, more varieties of marine life will begin to appear. You can use your butterfly network to catch sea stars and other creatures that live in the background to donate to the museum or sell.

Collect resources

There are many articles that can be found underwater, including marine salt, an offering element of the necessary spiritual tree. Some can be collected by right-clicking when you are close to them. Others, such as algae, should be cut with a scythe and rocks must be broken with a peak.

Progressing underwater

Your useful bot, able, let you know when you have little energy or get late. After 22:00, its diving time will automatically end, so it has a lot of time to get home before the night energy penalty occurs. Before that, you can finish your immersion by returning to the anchor and right click to return to the dock.

As the garbage cleans, activates solar orbs and heals coral sites, you will get access to more and deeper parts of the reef. The deeper, the more valuable the resources you will find will. There is currently a limited submarine map available during early access, but developers intend to have deeper diving opportunities available for complete launch.

That is all you need to know about How diving works in Coral Island . Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more tips and information about the game.

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