Limited goods for chillaz art such as Hell Public Bath retro poster and closed case coffee cup

Chinaware (Chill’s Art) has announced that it has released limited goods for a limited time and quantity for November 30 due to collaboration with Django.

The company was an indieveropper known for Japanese horror, and on October 1, the latest work, Hell Sent. As a collaboration good, I received orders (already closed) from Village Vanguard in September.

In this collaboration goods, special coffee cups inspired by Shiraz Confectionery retro poster, which appeared in Hell Public Bath, and Chill’s Coffee, which was the stage of closed case. It is a lineup that makes you feel like you have entered the game of the company by putting it around you. In addition, chinchilla stuffed animals, which are often seen in the game, have been converted to goods by the company’s supervision.

The most impactful is the Terrible Horror Gimmicks T-shirt (Special Edition). At first glance, this is a normal T-shirt, which has a special processing of flash shooting that emerges terrible things.

Limited goods for Chirazarts are on sale for a limited time until November 30.

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