How to cancel a gift or return money to APEX Legends

Apex Legends is a dynamic multiplayer royal battle that is ideal for groups of friends who get together and play. Since its first launch in 2019, Apex Legends has received many updates, functions and content. One of the latest functions that will be announced is gifts with which you can send gifts to your friends. But if you accidentally give the wrong subject or not to that person, you may be interested in how to return money for gifts in Apex Legends.

How to reimburse or return Apex Legends gifts

Unfortunately, there is for nothing reimburse, return or refuse a gift to Apex Legends. All gifts are final , and purchases cannot be canceled. EA tells more about gifts in the official blog, so be sure to read it before sending any gifts.

Since gifts cannot be reimbursed or returned, you should make sure that you are sending a gift the right person . It makes sure that they are on your list of friends and that their names are written correctly. The player to whom you are trying to give something should also not be banned, otherwise he will not be able to receive a gift.

You must also check to make sure that you have chosen the right gift for sending. After you sent a gift, you can’t do anything to get a compensation or return it, so it is best to show special care.

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