Nexon reveals the new First Discent Cinematic Trailer

[ Park Yeo-jin] Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) released a cinematic story trailer video of the new Root shooter ‘The First Descendant’.

This trailer contains the worldview of ‘descendant’ in a world where everything is destroyed, and you can enjoy the story of the last war of mankind.


The NATU Legion, which invaded the earth 100 years ago, leads the world where humanity lives, and humanity, who discovers unknown power, succeeds again. However, in the situation where the new leader of the NATU Legion, Karl, led to the catastrophe, the user became a successor, defending the Ingress continent, and passing through various missions and growth and reaching the confidentiality of the successor. Do.

First Dependent, meanwhile, is a new work of the Rooter Shooter, which combines a third-person shooting battle with a role-playing game (RPG). Nixon’s subsidiary Nixon Games (CEO Park Jong-un) is developing a global triple A-class game, and is pre-registered ahead of the Steam Global Beta Test from 20th to 27th.

More information about the trailer video can be found on the official website.

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