Everything that will be in the update of minecraft 1.20

Over the past years, Minecraft received many updates, each of which added new functions. They differ between updates, but can include mobs, skins, blocks and much more. With the upcoming update 1.20 you may be interested in what will happen in Minecraft in update 1.20.

What is added in the update of Minecraft 1.20?

Despite the lack of official name, Minecraft 1.20 will add many new functions, including skins, a new mob and new building blocks. Here is all that is added in update 1.20 for Minecraft.


In Minecraft 1.20, a new mob will appear, and this is a camel. This desert creature is an ideal means of transportation to cross large sandy biomes, since it has a jerk function that allows you to jump over rivers if you correctly calculated time. They will also prevent the attack of some mobs and ensure the safety of such a necessary. Just make sure that you feed them cacti to thank them, and you can even get a camel in the process.


A number of skins by default will appear in Minecraft 1.20 and will be available on November 29, 2022. These are the skins of Mac ken, EFA, Our, Kai, ARI, Sunny and Yuri. Some of them are recognizable for various trailers, and the addition of these skins helps to form the narrative of Minecraft.


Although there is already bamboo in Minecraft, the players will have more options for what they can do with this resource. Update 1.20 will allow players to make various things from bamboo, including boards, doors, hatches and rafts. The rafts will function similarly to boats, but will have a more open look.


Give free rein to your decorative side with suspended signs. They can be built differently depending on which block there is a sign on. Those who wanted to create their perfect trading platform will receive a completely new way to advertise their stores.


Crane Book Shelves

What may seem a small addition, in fact, is a huge opportunity for chiseled bookshelves. This will give such a variety of libraries and charming rooms. You can also use a red stone to create secret inputs, since the red stone is compatible with chiseled bookshelves.

When will the Minecraft update be released?

There is no official date of updating Minecraft 1.20, but we know that it will appear in 2023. A picture of this update will appear in the near future, a few days after Minecraft Live 2022. You can see for yourself by looking at Minecraft Live. Or reading a resume.

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