The winning goal on the 27th birthday: Draisaitl scores 6: 5 for Oilers

It is the ideal present I could obtain, said Driest: They are fantastic points. In enhancement to the Cologne team, his harmonious storm companion Connor McDaid with three goals and also one template.


Only 38 seconds needed to bet the Chicago Blackhawks in the normal season, when Driest was the winning goal for 6: 5. He had formerly been associated with the fourth success of the Oilers in the previous five video games with two helps.

Sharks overcome the Maple Leafs in OT

On the other hand, many various other German specialists needed to take defeats on Thursday evening. Protector Moritz Safer lost 1: 5 against the top team Boston Bruins with the Detroit Red Wings. Shooting star Tim Shuttle lost 2: 4 versus Minnesota Wild with the Ottawa Senators and also remained simply as pointless as Young person Jason Peter in the 2: 3 of the Buffalo Sabres versus the Montreal Canadiens.

Goalkeeper Thomas Grass went 2: 6 against the Nashville Killers with the St. Louis Blues as well as parried 36 out of 41 shots. In addition to Driest, only Nico Storm with the San Jose Sharks won 4: 3 against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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