Byrdle CLUE & ANSWER today (November 1, 2022)

Wordle has generated a wave of new word puzzle games, some of them aimed at several hobbies or interests. Bridle, for example, challenges choral music lovers to identify words related to that particular search, and is demonstrating to be very popular among musical genre. If that includes you, and it is hard for you to decipher today’s Bundle’s response to November 1, we are here to give a friendly hand.

What is the best word to start in Bundle?

If you have played Bundle for some time, you will be familiar with the fact that your answers include proper names, plurals and musical terms in other languages. Sometimes, already difference from World and many other similar games, the answers are not always words in English but sometimes in other languages, such as Latin or Italian. He has six attempts to decipher the word before entering his final conjecture.

As in other challenges of words puzzles, it is always worth having a lot of solid initial words that will help you start with the correct note. These often include at least two vowels and do not repeat letters. These include words like Audio and Raise.

While Bundle does not present clues to help, you can consult the daily tweet of the game developer, Robert Original, who offers information about why each word was chosen and what it means. There are no spoilers, but I should help you put yourself on the right path with your conjectures in the future.

Enjoying #byrdle, but you didn’t understand the answer? So this thread is for you!

Every day, I will add to this thread the response to the previous Bundle and (when appropriate) an exciting fact.

(Don’t you know what this is about? It’s this:


-Robert Original (@Rbrignall) January 19, 2022

Bundle today (November 1, 2022) Answer


previous answers from Bundle

October 31: Bards
October 27: JAIL
October 27: stanza
October 26: Webber

October 25: TURRETS
October 24: LEVEL
October 23:
October 22: LIGHT
October 21: Arnold
October 20: DIRECT
October 19: Martin
October 18: RETARD
October 17: Pray
October 16: Carter
October 15: MEMORY
October 14: Nuptial
October 13: Language
October 12: Podium
October 11: Delius
October 10: Crosby
October 9: Forms
October 8: Paulo
October 7: Bartok
October 6, 2022:
October 5, 2022: CUBA
October 3, 2022: CACHET
October 2, 2022: Luther
October 1, 2022: Sorry
September 30, 2022: Bridge
September 27, 2022: Brown
September 26, 2022: Double bottle
September 23, 2022: Mixtures
September 22, 2022: Davies
September 21, 2022: Entrepierna
September 20, 2022: Eighth
September 19, 2022: Samson
September 18, 2022: Study
September 17, 2022: Alain
September 16, 2022: Willie

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