Cod Modern Warfare 2: The 5 best weapons with which to dominate the multiplayer

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 sweeps its premiere the most successful launch of the long saga. Their numbers respond to the good decision-making that Infinity Ward made from the first reboot back in 2019. A good part of these data is sustained by the multiplayer, a competitive scene that catches both cual and the hardcore part of the community. What are the best weapons available? We review the most relevant models and their combination of accessories.

Ptor 762

The AK-47 of a lifetime converted into an unprecedented chsis that eliminates the heavy load that wood supposes. The changes eliminate the exaggerated setback that I had in previous deliveries. It is a reliable weapon that occupies the highest stalls of bullet damage within its group , while maintaining a correct mobility. It is, together with the M4, one of the most recommended Arsenal game weapons. It works a typical control weapon in objective modes.

We recommend that you do not place any peephole; Your iron sight offers the correct visibility without adding unnecessary penalty at speed. So much so that our favorite configuration only carries two accessories. Less is more for this rifle. The following combinations will depend on your game style.


  • Soacha: Polarizes
  • People: FTA RIPPER 56

Fennec 45

Many will meet Fennec 45 a vector. This subfamily arrived part of the post-lamination support of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and in its sequel is part of the arsenal from the first moment. Its very high cadence makes it a dominator of nearby meetings. It is the weapon you want to always have in your hands if you dedicate yourself to the run and gun, that is, not stop running, jump through the corners, have that nerve chaining actions.

Our recommendation of accessories prioritizes control without losing speed . It is a fanttic combination for the game style we were talking about. Shooting on the contrary is really simple wherever they are, because once you squeeze the trigger the bullets are directed to a single point despite the visual dispersion we see.


  • Canyon: Fennec Cover Force
  • Coupling: Brent Tilt handle
  • Ler: Sch lager uulo-66
  • Building: FTC Lock tight Guitar
  • Rear handle: Penned dotted handle

SP-R 208

For some reon Infinity Ward h significantly improved the performance of tactical rifles in the multiplayer. What we see in Modern Warfare 2 are weapons that in medium and short distance kill a single localized chest shot . Its targeted speed is currently the highest, exceeding the seen in the sniper rifles.

Many players use the SP-R 208 even without a peephole . It is a real bet that works almost a shotgun. The accessories we have chosen provide more versatility for long distance. We want you to continue maintaining its speed while adding new elements that allow you to push your performance forward.


  • Canyon: 57.15 cm elevate-11
  • Look: Forge TAC Delta 4
  • Building: Expanded Pad ZRL T70
  • Ler: 1 MW pen SZ


The M4 is the standard sault rifle in most modern theme video games. It serves a point of entry for those less seoned, and at the same time conveys confidence in their control in expert hands. There is no failure once the controls : press the trigger and kill at any distance.

Our combination will be surprising among the hardcore community. We wanted to improve their mobility without losing too much control of the setback . We throw towards a short cannon and an M16 type butt. You can _Part a good speed while performing a good job in the average and long distance.

  • Soacha: Ten Havoc 90
  • ACO PLE: Sch lager Tango
  • Canyon: 29.21 cm carbine cover
  • Bullet: Demo Standard elite accuracy
  • Rear handle: Skin Ex


If we start the list with the older brother of the AK family, We close with the little one in the house . The Ktov-74U participates in the sault rifles group available in Modern Warfare 2, but in practice we find a subfamily with more damage. So clear and simple. Your control can be partially controlled with accessories; It does not have the greatest cadence, but it does find an ideal equilibrium point between damage, scope and control.

Our configuration is designed for the _run and gun, although here we find a small particularity: the charger . We use only 20 projectiles to improve the speed of movement, prepare the weapon after running and the signed by the sights. Thanks to the scarce Multiplayer TTK right now, no more capacity is missing. You will always have it prepared for combat.


  • Soacha: Echoles-80

Coupling: FSS Shark fin 90
Charger: 20 projectile charger
Ler: STOVL Dr ler box
Building: Treat CY

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