Wemade Mir M, the global version of the pre -booking start


Remade will start a global pre-booking reservation by Mir M: Vanguard & Baggy Bond (Mir M) from the 3rd.

Mir M Global is a successor to Mir IP, which has been restored by adding modern interpretation to the original Mir’s legend 2, and the sequel to Mir 4 Global, which caused the blockchain craze. It was first released in Korea in June this year, ranking in major market sales and popularity rankings such as Google Play and App Store.

The 8-way grid and quarter view method inherited the original game, and the advanced technology was applied to realize high levels of graphics. Through the new growth specialization system, Mandala, you can also enjoy high levels of growth of freedom of growth that allows you to play different plays from the gameplay and growth structure.

Mir M Global, meanwhile, will be released in more than 170 countries except Korea and China. In the global version, the governance token ‘Dogma’ and the game token ‘Drone’ are added, and the integrate economy is built in the hydra.

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