How to change outfit in Harvestella

While there is not too much customization in Harvested initially, you are probably asking if there is any way to change your outfit while you play. It can also be thinking about how this outfit would change. We have all the answers here in our guide. If you want to know How to change clothes in Harvested Keep reading below!

How to change outfit in Harvested explained

There is only one way to change your outfit in Harvested at this time, where we will enter. Hopefully, an update is added with more outfit options that do not require payment! For now, everything we have been work-based options to choose from.

Unlocking attire

To unlock attire changes, you must unlock new jobs. See our guide practice here to get more information on how to unlock each job in Harvested.

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Unfortunately, the only way you can change your outfit in Harvested at this time is changing your work. Each job comes with its own unique outfit. You will start with the work of fighter and his outfit at the beginning, unlocking the others later.

Change your outfit

Once you have more than one unlocked job, all you need to do is select the work you want to change in the job menu. To get to this, simply open the menu of your game and go to the section that says work . From here you can change jobs and, in turn, from outfit.

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That is all you need to know about How to change clothes in Harvested . With luck, the future will bring more outfit change options to the game. Look some of our other contents below and make sure you choose the game if you think you will enjoy!

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