The goddess of victory: Nikke Korea, the United States, Japans No. 1 dominant

Level Infinite is a beautiful girl gun shooting action for the recapture of the world, which is developed and serviced by the shift up, and that the first place in both Korea, the United States, Japan, Japan, Japan, Google Play and the Apple App Store, I revealed it.


‘Victory Goddess: Nike’ ranked No. 1 in the popular game of Korea Apple App Store on the day of the launch of the pre-download launch, and on the official release date (4th), Google Play was also ranked first in Google Play.

Especially on the day of its launch, it was ranked No. 1 in Apple App Store and Google Play in Japan and the United States as well as in Korea. He ranked seventh and North American Apple App Store 8th.

This popularity is also analyzed that the strategy that continued to communicate through events such as character short video to users continued to be released to users before the official launch.

In addition, high-quality illustrations such as physics engines and context-based auto lip motion, and multilingual full voice dubbing such as Korean, Japanese, and English are well received.

‘The goddess of victory: Nike’ is embodied with more than 63 kinds of personality girl ‘Nike’ with vivid movements as if moving alive.

In addition, you can enjoy various contents such as search, base construction, cooperation war, and challenge, and the convenience is enhanced by applying a vertical screen shooting method that enjoys with one hand.

A level Infinite official said, I am very happy to be the number one ranking of Google Play and Apple App Store.

For more information about the game, please visit the official lounge.

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