The best skills that need to be unlocked first in Gotham Knights

In total, each character in Gotham Knights has four woods of skills, three of which are available from the very beginning. You will need to develop as many experience points from the very beginning as possible to increase the level and earn skills in order to unlock new skills.

Therefore, skills are very valuable in this regard. You must be absolutely sure what skill to unlock, because there is no way to change your trees of skills or skills.

The next leadership will tell you about the best skills that you should unlock primarily for every hero in Gotham Knights.

Girl-Slutthey Mouse

Batters is a character who balances himself with a technical specialist with the ability to tank enemies. She uses her hacker skills to disable devices and enemies, creating chaos in this area.

You need to invest in her ability to survive, so that she has more chances in battles. As soon as you invest in her tree of courage, she will be able to revive and fight longer.

The best abilities that can be unlocked first for Batgirl are given below.

hp Plus

The first skill of perseverance skills is HP Plus. This ability increases the basic health of Batters by stunning 40%so that it can tank enemies at will.

counter-focus of the enemy

Batgirl receives a 75 percent bonus of control against counterattacks. This ability allows her to remain in the attack and not to worry about the response, as she will receive insignificant damage.

Second wind

Batters can be revived with 50 percent health after she was killed in battle, which makes this one of the most important survival skills that can be unlocked in Gotham Knights.

of digital ghost

Thanks to this ability, the stealth game with Batters intensifies. It can go through various sensors or cameras without being discovered, even if you have not hacked the cameras. If the devices are not in your hacking range, you can simply use this ability to secretly play with enemies.


Robin is primarily relied on his secrecy, so our main attention should be focused on its shadow tree. Nevertheless, you still need to equip other skills, since secrecy does not always work, and it is difficult to fight bosses without having the right balance of abilities.

Below are the best abilities for unlocking robin.


This is one of the best skills related to the character of Robin. This skill allows him to quietly destroy large enemies. You can stop them without even allowing others to notice.

Moreover, if you fight several enemies, use this ability to kill one goal, and then repeat the process using your invisible objects, such as baits or smoke bombs.

Vintage hanging showdowns

Robin is the only one who acquired this skill at gotham Knights. He can suspend enemies from favorable positions, attracting other enemies, which means that you can quickly collect them in one place, and then use damage in the region to influence all the enemies present.

sticky pellet

Robin creates temporary mines, attaching balls to the surfaces. Mines will cause damage to enemies as soon as they make contact, and you can significantly use this skill to harm the group of enemies.

Red Riding Hood

The strength of the red hood lies in its distant attacks and its specialization in the deterrence of the crowd. He can cause great damage to enemies if they come close enough so that he can use his capture skills.

It is extremely important to unlock his capture skills at the beginning of the game, since the probability of a collision with enemies from a long distance is small. So it would be useful if you worked as soon as possible on his tree Brawler and Marksman.

The best abilities that can be unlocked primarily for a red cap are given below.

focused fire

The red hood can apply to enemies four times more damage with aiming fire. Thanks to this skill, you can aim longer to inflict maximum damage and select enemies one by one.

Happy rounds

If you use this skill simultaneously with distant attacks, each of your rounds will apply to enemies up to 5 times more damage. In addition, this skill also goes with the sight accuracy, and this skill force makes it mandatory.

Expanded capture window

Robin Hood may have enough enemies when their health is 50 percent or less. This is useful, because in most cases you can damage enemies using your long shots, so if they come closer to you, you can grab them and quickly kill them.

Big Capture

These skills give Robin God the opportunity to grab giant enemies. This allows him to easily destroy large enemies and destroy them even before they inflict any damage to you.

Iron Handle

If you grab the enemy, this skill will help you rest a little during the fighting. This is possible because others cannot quickly interrupt you because of your iron grip skill. This skill gives you both the possibility of attack and protection.


The main power of Fittings lies in his mobility when he moves from one enemy to another, creating chaos for them. In addition, he has amazing control over the crowd, and no one can repel his air attacks because of his never-standing pose. It is extremely important to unlock its skills Acrobat and Raptor skills.

The best abilities that can be unlocked by the first for Living are given below.

Air rebound

As the name implies, Living can combine this ability after using a trampoline. This will force him to fulfill three tied rebounds from enemies and will make him quickly move between different enemies and not get caught.

Extra Impulse

Netting must support the impulse, which he creates thanks to his mobility. Thanks to this skill, he will receive an additional pulse strip, which he can use to preserve his impulse. It is important to understand that these glasses are used for impulse abilities.

Closure of Evil

This ability will work with an additional impulse; This gives Living the opportunity to execute additional care. These various evasions will help him gain more speed.

Favorite Haley

This skill enhances the chain attacks of the wing of the night, adding damage to the region to this combo. Combo includes a chain attack of Netting with evasion, followed by a knockout attack, which will hit all the enemies surrounding it. This means that you can easily control the crowd and Avoid difficult situations.

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