How to get bright embers in God of War Ragnarok

One of the rare craft materials that you can get God of the Ragnarök war are glowing embers , which are used to improve certain accessories of weapons and armor. In particular, they are used to improve the equipment at some of their highest levels. As such, they are quite important for those who try to play 100%, since these final armor and weapons improvements can make Rates a formidable killing machine.

Locations of glowing embers of God of War Ragnarök

Breaking embers are obtained as a reward for completing the various challenges in the Crucible of Mülheim. After completing each challenge, you will receive a great golden chest. Go ahead, open this and claim a lot of different crafts, articles and Hack silver as a reward. This is also as you get burning embers.

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Within these, you have the opportunity to get Glowing Embers. However, these seem to be a bit weirder than other craft materials, so prepare to overcome some challenges before starting to get them.

What are incandescent embers used?

Glowing embers are used to improve several weapons accessories for Blades of Chaos, as well as armor pieces.

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You can update weapons, armor and other items addressing the Book and Sindhi store and selecting the piece of equipment you want to update. Use R2 to upload through the ‘levels’ of the team you can update, and then press and hold Square to confirm that you want to manufacture it.

That is all you need to know about glowing embers of God of War Ragnarök . To get more information about the game, be sure to consult our guides on Gleaming Crystals, all the locations of Álfheimr Odin’s Raven and all the Berserker Sued locations, to name a few.

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