PUBG owner acquires the neon giant developer

Today video game developers usually buy studies to expand their creation of titles, so at the beginning of the year we saw that Microsoft will be buying soon at Activision Blizzard . And now, Grafton , the current owner of the saga PUBG , has decided to get neon Giant , a company that brought us interesting games such as t He Ascent.


In a profit statement this Friday, Grafton also revealed that the newly acquired Swedish study is currently working on an open world SPF. The debut game was launched for consoles Xbox and PC last July before reaching the systems PlayStation in March. Having mixed criticisms that led some to take love.

Here is a criticism of what this game was:

Its fantastically detailed world design and its incredible lighting make it one of the most visually shocking games that we have ever played, and although its plot and dialogue can sometimes seem like trying to cross a diamond, exploration and combat That flows around it, make everything else a true joy.

For now, there are no more details of this purchase, but it is interesting to know that they are already working on a new title, which is now owned by Grafton . With the profits that have generated PUBG up to these times, it is possible that the graphics that have contemplated, are even better for the budget that will be added to the production.

Via: NGC

Editor’s note: Purchases of video game studies are interesting, no matter the size of the reputation each. Now we only wait for the total activation purchase in the coming months.

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