Call of Task Warzone 2 Players Locked Out by Purchase Modern Warfare 2 Bug


While not completely extensive (we’d know for sure if no one at all could play War zone 2), reports of this problem began revealing up in Call of Task forums this week. While it’s not known if the issues relate to one another, the issues appear to have started soon after Infinity Ward pushed out a repair for social concerns in War zone 2 that prevented players from partying up with one another.

Anyone else has this concern? I was playing DMZ simply great, then decided to play a Fight Royale, and it requires MW2 purchase to play, Redditor Eider stated concerning the issue.

Considering that none of the developers have resolved this concern, it’s uncertain when it’s going to get repaired. There’s a Trello board in place to track problems like this one, however it doesn’t currently have a card for this Modern Warfare 2 bug.

Others shared comparable accounts of this happening to them alongside pictures of a popup that stated Purchase Modern Warfare II to have access to whatever. Popups like those asking players to acquire the complete buddy Call of Responsibility video game have prevailed throughout War zone, so it makes sense that they’d be back in War zone 2, though they certainly shouldn’t be locking gamers out of the fight royale game. What’s more, these concerns appear to even be impacting those who have currently bought Modern Warfare 2 which leaves those gamers with little option other than to simply await the issue to solve itself.

Another Call of Task: War zone 2 problem appeared this weekend with players getting locked out of video games and asked to buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to continue playing the fight royale game. Reports from gamers concerning this issue first started appearing on Thursday night, and apparently, it caused many a ruined video gaming night when individuals found that they couldn’t keep playing the free-to-play War zone 2. Neither Raven Software nor Infinity Ward appear to have actually commented on the issue yet at this time.

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