Korea Mobile Market Marketing analyzed with big data

  • Topic: The present of the Korean mobile game market and game marketing

  • Lecturer: Lee Cheol-hwan-IG Works / Data Business Office

  • Field: Data, Mobile

  • Time: 2022.11.17 (Fri) 14:00 ~ 14:50

  • Summary: We have time to analyze various big data for the Korean mobile game market and users and predict the future trends of the Korean mobile game market, which is undergoing a recession in 2022.
    In order to capture the vividness of the lecture scene in the article, Lee Cheol-hwan’s comment was captured as much as possible.

■ Mobile Game App Market Trends
This analysis consists of Google Play, Apple App Store, and One Store’s sales. The data in this material is an estimated value calculated through our unique algorithm. This may be different from the actual, and we are not responsible for the damages caused. Instead, I would like to tell you that it’s accumulated through many years of know-how. I would like to see this part and refer to it.

First, Korea’s three major mobile market monthly sales trends. In November 2019, Lineage 2 showed a high market scale until January 2020, but after a little missing, the Lineage personalized trading system was opened in November 2020. It was.

Then, in July 2021, Odin was released, and sales rose significantly, and in November, Lineage W was released and once again drew a rising graph. The rising graph that has risen is showing a steady decline in 2022.

As a result, the scale that was posted in 2021 was returned and returned to the level before 2020. As you can see, it is decreasing in 2021 and 2022.

It’s more shocking to see the cumulative sales of the three major markets. Korea Mobile Game Market has been growing more than 20% annually over the past 10 years. Even in 2021, it showed a phenomenal growth of 34%. Of course, it was true that there was a factor called Pan Derick.

However, the market, which has grown 20%annually, is almost zero in 2022. There are still some time left until the end of the year, and many new works, including Nike, have been represent in the market, but it seems that it will be difficult to create a dramatic production that is greatly reversed in terms of the entire market.

If so, let’s take a look at which areas of sales decrease and the market has become difficult.

Analysis by genre. As you might have expected, the highest sales genre are role-playing. It doesn’t seem hard to interpret the stagnation of the role-playing that caused the overall market stagnation. Rolling was nearly 40% down compared to the same period last year. This does not mean that sales of other genres have increased. This can be seen as an overall market reduction.

Next, we will look at the sales share by ranking. Compared to October 2021 and October 2022, the decrease in sales in the top level is noticeable. The market reduction has occurred in the top publisher side, and the middle and lower publishers can be said to have been relatively less affected.

In terms of sales trends by major publishers, NC soft, which had no new momentum, showed a steady decline. Nixon, on the other hand, showed a remarkable growth this year. Harvey of the ‘Tang tang Commando’, which has recently attracted attention recently, has also risen to the fourth place.

Here is the market share by market. As of October 2021, Google Play’s 74%, Apple’s App Store was 14%, and the one-store’s 12%market share was as of October 2022, as of October 2022, as of October 2022, as of October 2022, as of October 2022, as of October 2022, as of October 2022, as of October 2022, as of October 2022, as of October 2022, as of October 2022, Google Play’s sales reduced as the one store 15%and the Apple App Store grew to 18%. It is causing. One store has grown significantly, and the growth of the One Store has no choice but to reduce the sales share of Google Play, which shares the same platform called Android.

■ So for users? -The characteristics of users by genre of various genres in the decrease in the number of users
Let’s take a look at the trend of game users, focusing on RPG users, which can say that it is the largest part of Korean game users. In terms of the number of mobile game users, unfortunately, the company has declined not only mobile game sales but also mobile game users in the past year.

The problem is that this enemy has never been. I don’t know how much this fall is going. It may be naturally inverted, or a certain killer content may suddenly appear, which can lead to a dramatic reversal, but it is clear that the current situation is not so easy.

These decrease in the number of users are common in the entire genre. In the case of RPGs, the number of users has decreased by 14%compared to the same period last year, and strategic games are 16%, action games are 2%, and casino games are 7.2%. The number of users in all areas is noticeable, except that the adventure genre has grown significantly due to the so-called Pokémon GO, which has been in the heyday of the so-called second heyday due to the influence of the gust of Tibetan seals that have been caused since last spring.

In earnest, we will look at the changes of the user around RPG game users. As of September 2022, games used for analytics were collected in the top 100 RPG category sales and the top 200 MAUs, and then conducted a network analysis that classified them according to the simultaneous correlation of the game users in the last year.

A total of seven clusters have been derived. Each cluster is named the sub-genre, first of which is Lineage IP, the second is Northwell IP, and then retro and modern IP, dark fantasy, neglect, and subculture.

When you tie it up like this, you can see the original features. First, the generation that leads the domestic RPG market in Korea is 3040 men. In Lineage IP, Northteljiri IP, and neglected, 3040 men are centralized. Characteristically, retro games are likely to be used by 3040 or 4050 generations, but men in their 20s have a main user base.

Next, in modern IP, 2030 generations are centered, and unique in subculture RPGs are quite large in teenagers.

Lineage IP users are overwhelmingly long when analyzed based on the average monthly game time per person. It appears to be 17.9 days a month and 114 hours on average. In the case of subculture, the actual date of use is 19.9 days, but the time spent was the lowest at 48 hours. In other words, it shows a play style that is often short but short.

This time, let’s take a look at the user’s interests. In common with the entire sub-genre users, interest in item trading and the game community has become more prominent, and other categories for more strategic and efficient gameplay, such as game product services and game information, have been distributed to the top.

Compared to other interests other than games, Lineage IP showed interest in loan-related financial instruments, while the Dark Fantasy user showed more interesting features in automobiles. The subculture users also noticed their interest in Japanese. And the characteristics of the age group will burn, but in the case of retro users or modern IP users, they are also interested in love, blind dates, meetings, and men’s clothing.


The average number of new users in 2022 was 48.1%less than in 2021. The average play time per capita game has also been reduced by about half. You can say that there were a lot of difficulties to be new, and it was difficult to maintain the customers.

The average app installation period for users who left the game within 30 days after the launch of the game was about 5.5 days. What does this mean? No matter how much a masterpiece is installed and if you want to be far from the style of the user, it was quickly deleted within 5 days.

■ In the future, the direction of mobile game marketing -I will be a fight between high-end and Bihar End
As I prepared for this session, I thought it would be very easy to say that ‘2022 game marketing trend was like this’. What is this? In fact, nothing has changed compared to the last five years ago.

In the peak season or growth period, I tried a lot of experiments, but in 2022, there is little new attempt. It’s a very conservative thing that’s the pattern of choosing only the existing ones, the most effective of them.

In peak season, appealing to users is relatively easy. When I say that I am launching a new game, of course, I have to take out customers of existing competitors, but in the market growing, it can be covered by new customers.

But during the market decline, it means that it is virtually even more difficult because it is necessary to remove customers through competition with existing competitors who are trying to catch customers who are trying to get out of somehow.

This phenomenon is revealed in numbers. Game campaigns, which have been executed in the past three years, are steadily increasing in both annual pre-booking CPA prices and one-month average CPI price.

The cost of making one user in advance was 25 times higher than 2,000 won to 5,000 won. Immediately after the launch, the CPI unit price for the average of 1 month, from 5,500 won in 2020 to 14,000 won in 2022, is nearly three times higher than three times.

Competition is still severe, but as the number of users is decreasing and the competitive marketing between existing games that want to take them and new games that need to be taken away, only marketing costs are rising rapidly.

What should I do now? No one knows the right answer. There may be a correct answer. But

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