The 10 best Anime in Shonen Jump, classified from strong to more powerful

Shōnen has been the defining style that helped manga and anime on the map internationally and continues to gather most readers and fans equally. Without signs of deceleration or weakening, it will be worth spending time to know and see each title of this list. Let us review the breakdown of of the 10 best animals of Shōnen Jump classified from the Fuentes to the most powerful.

10. Fairy tale

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Fairy tale marked the beginning of the end of the 2010 Shōnen era and provided everything that an anime Shōnen should, but did not have an impact as large as most of the others on this list. Belonging to the fantastic genre, the world of Earth-Land is full of magicians and unions that put their magic in exchange for money. NATU Dragnet is a young man belonging to the Fairy Tale guild, who seeks in the kingdom of Fire to his adoptive father, the Intel dragon. Like a magician dragon hunter, NATU embarks on an exciting adventure full of dangers, evil enemies and magical classic Shōnen style battles.

Fairy tale does a good job by disguising Shōnen’s typical tropes by bombarding the public with a variety of elements, but did not excel in any of them. That said, do not discourage to try this anime because it contains everything that a manga and a successful Shōnen anime series must have, and presents enough variety and entertaining distractions to satisfy someone who longs for a magical world, a simple story., And action.

9. Bleach

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Bleach is based on the fascination of Japanese culture by spirits and adds the taste of the history of samurais to a modern scenario in urban Japan. At the end of the 2000s, he quickly became one of the most important Shōnen anime and tells the story of Chico Kurosawa while becoming one of the Soul Reapers. This Special Kirigami group helps the souls of the deceased to reach the society of souls of the beyond, which resembles feudal Japan in many aspects. The only problem is that there are evil spirits known as Hollows who enjoy damaging humans, both lively and spiritually.

If you are a big fan of feudal Japan, Japanese culture and supernatural terror, this Shōnen anime is the perfect formula for you. Although the popularity of the series decreased relatively fast, which caused the anime to be canceled prematurely, the manga continued for another four years and the final arch finally adapted to an anime movie. Bleach test and put your favorite kimono to live the definitive Japanese Shōnen experience.

8. Hunter X Hunter

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Hunter X Hunter belongs to the new wave of Shōnen stories that began in the early 2010s and does everything their predecessors did well for a new generation of anime fans. On Frees, a child, is the central protagonist who lives in a world where people can assume a professional license and a title of hunter and choose to hunt animals, treasures or criminals. On lost his father at an early age and decided to become a hunter and look for his father’s whereabouts, who is also a worldwide fame hunter.

On’s trip is a typical Shōnen adventure in which he recruits allies, approves difficult exams to become a hunter and participates in a tournament to fight against powerful opponents, resulting in the discovery of new powers. This is not a bad thing since it is the Shōnen formula that benefits from infinite unique variations and Hunter X Hunter evolves towards its own unique experience during the last half of its arches.

The cast is generic and memorable enough to remind you of other popular Shōnen characters of the past while keeping fresh things with new environments, thematic elements and complex problems that always result in the Shōnen form: culminating and epic battles! Find the time to look for this series and try it.

7. Yuyun Harsh

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Yuyun Harsh was one of the first Shōnen manga to mark the beginning of the era of 90 Child who would have been hit in his place. As a ghost, he meets a girl named Botany who guides him through the underworld where he offers the opportunity to return to life as a detective of the underworld/spirit that manages the supernatural activity.

It is definitely worth seeing this anime if you are interested in retro anime and understand more on the basis of all Shōnen stories today. There is a lot of complete fighting action with characteristic special attacks that capture the style of each main character of the Yusuf team.

Yuyun Harsh offers an entertaining balance of Japanese urban fantasy with many vile monsters and threats from another world that add a genre of horror gender to the mixture. All heroes have different personalities, and there is a lot of comedy infused with the unique dramatic moments in history. You could even find yourself by pointing your finger and gun-shaped thumb and pretending to destroy demons.

6. My Heroes Academy

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My Hero Academia is the first manga and anime in successfully crossing Shōnen with American superheroes along with elements of other famous franchises. As a result, the series had almost guaranteed a high level of success and popularity, and seems to be consolidating its place in the history of anime. In modern Japan, people known as peculiarities have become the next evolution of the human race as beings that are born with a unique superpower.

The main character of this story is Izuku, someone who really has no power but dreams of becoming the largest superhero in the world. With pure determination, he trains and is somehow accepted in the high school of the UA, which is known for producing powerful heroes through his intense program.

What it implies is a typical story about a motivated protagonist who only has one thing in mind, but learns, grows and matures throughout his trip. For superhero fans and stories about powers, My Hero Academia will not disappoint them with their variety of colorful characters and mortal villains, so dress and become a hero when seeing this anime.

5. Murderer of demons

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Demon Slayer closed the 2010 decade with the conclusion of his manga in May 2020 and was the catalyst for a new generation of Anime Shōnen that began in the 2020s. The main story is not entirely original, but mixes popular elements of Other Shōnen and elevates the feudal history of Japan with supernatural fantasy and excellent animation quality. The story, which takes place in early 1900 during the Ties period, presents a fascinating look at a transition period in Japan’s history.

The main premise of the story revolves around a child named Janeiro Amado who returns home one night and finds his family murdered by carnivorous demons, except for his sister Neck, who is now about to become a demon. Promising avenge to his family and hoping to find a way to save his sister, Janeiro joins the body of demons murderers and begins his trip. Surprisingly, Demons Slayer is not a typically extended series as some of the most successful Shōnen titles. But do not let that be discouraged: here there is more than enough to enjoy fully developed characters, evil villains, striking art and a complete story that will make you feel that you belong to the body of demon hunters.

4. Tojo’s strange adventure

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Dojos Bizarre Adventure is really an innovative Shōnen story that began in the late 80s and continues to maintain its popularity in the 2020s thanks to the newly produced anime and the continuous publication of Seine. The story consists of nine different arches, all interconnected through nine protagonists, each with the name of Tojo and family relationships, and a story full of fantasy of powerful characters that handle supports that are visual manifestations of the soul of a being.

Each arch of Dojos Bizarre Adventure is fascinating and fun to see due to the great diversity and variety of characters, scenarios, arguments, genres and points of the plot that are shown throughout history. It is not surprising that the manga is one of the best-selling throughout the history of manga, especially with its detailed art and multiple references to American music. Highly unpredictable, the series is full of fantastic struggle scenes, interesting places, drama and comedy to stay amazed.

3. Naruto

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Naruto took advantage of the popularity of the fantasized Japanese Ninja of the feudal era and made him a world full of fantasy of illustrious characters and supernatural enemies. The titular protagonist of the series, Naruto Bamako, is a child who dreams of being the leader of his or Homage’s People of him. Naruto comes from the end of the golden era of manga and anime in 1999 and lasted until 2014, and was revived in 2016 with a new story that follows Naruto’s son, Boru to.

Naruto is an exceptional representation of the trip of an anime character from childhood to the ultimate age and captures multiple themes that have to do with life, love, friendship and good against evil. Many characters are incredibly detailed and developed and, as a result, they are still memorable favorites for many series fans. Naruto’s supernatural ninja fantasy world almost feels real and makes it a visit that is worth experimenting, enough to give him 10 Juts hand signs!

two. One piece

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One Piece is about to be number one, and could easily tie with the number one entry on this list due to its record achievement as the best-selling manga of all time. Coming from 1997, this series is a classic of the golden age of the manga and the anime that managed to stay at the top 20 years later, in 2022, a feat that only the best can achieve. Truly an innovation for Shōnen, the story focuses on a young man named Monkey D. Luffy who lives in a world of pirates and special fruits that give the devouring amazing powers.

Luffy’s dream is to find One Piece’s legendary treasure and become the king of pirates. As he advances in his adventure, he grows, gathers his crew of Hakama, begins to help oppressed and begins to make the world a better place.


One Piece is easily unique in all aspects without losing any of the attractive elements of Shōnen. Much of the cast of characters is based on American music, but even those that are not still fresh, caricatures cos, capricious and incredibly powerful. Luffy’s world is wonderfully immersive, with new areas and lands that bring different cultures, races and genres to One Piece.

The tone of history is balanced between cheerful fun, comedy and serious and intense battles. It is a great investment to start with Piece from the beginning, but it is worth it if you are…

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