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On the 25th (25th), Remade held an online press conference to describe the current situation and future response of the current situation and future response following the final decision of the Digital Asset Exchange Joint Council (DATA, Days). Remade’s representative Gang Hyung was located at the press conference, and he apologized for a series of events before the full-fledged question and answered that all of this was the tyranny of Days and Up bit, and ‘Super Gap’.

He pointed out the upbeat among Days, which consists of five won-owned markets, including upbeat, Bithumb, Coin One, Cubit, and Go fax. He first pointed out Days’s ambiguous guidelines. When the distribution problem occurred four weeks ago, Remade was the only exchange to submit a distribution plan, and what was the distribution defined by the exchange and how to manage it, but now, upbeats are still on him. He explained that he had never given a guideline.

In this regard, he said, Upbeat’s position is, If you submit whatever you are, we will see it and judge it. It may be, but it is literally a ‘crushing’ to terminate trading support that we are insufficient.

Secondly, he pointed out the process of ending the transaction support and opacity of the outcome. Remade learned about the termination of transaction support through the notice of upbeat. As we have communicated with DAX so far, if you have been in normal procedures, what was the problem to Remade, how you called it, and how to call it in the future, or whether the problem was solved or not solved. Despite the decision, Days and Up bit notified Remade for the end of transaction support without giving them a chance to call.

Gang Hyung said, I asked if acquaintances did not give me a chance to call me, and I am not convinced that such a significant, direct, direct-related investors, which are so socially related, are notified of this problem. In the end, Win ix didn’t even call it, and it was just a mistake.

Finally, he mentioned unfairness. This is a problem that caused the difference between the distribution plan submitted by Remade and the actual distribution volume. In response, he said, Is the difference that is so important. If it’s an important issue, it’s right for Upbeat to manage it. If it’s an important variable, you shouldn’t make other coins that don’t submit it at all.

Gang Hyung, who explained three kinds of upbeats about Upbeat, said, This unfairness cannot be seen. This is a social issue. Upbeat is a capitalist company, but deals with social property such as digital assets. I think unfair acts are social evils, and I received a shocking photo last evening with shocking news. Is it something to be proud of it? This situation is a lot of companies and investors that will be affected. In the end, we say that we do our own way. We will try to correct legal and other things as we can do our best as much as we can. I don’t apply other coins only to Remix, he said.

On the other hand, the incident of this situation will be limited because of the business that the project is already global in relation to the project that the Remix will develop due to this situation.

In the end of Days and Upbeat, Remade’s representative Gang Hyung said, I have to pay attention to the application for the disposal right now, but after the legal process, I have a communication between Days and WIMAX at the time of possible. I will disclose all my back at the right time, he said.

■ Q & A
Q. I knew that the coin of the Pike project, which was completed last year, was also committed due to distribution problems, but I applied for disposition, but it was not accepted. Are there any countermeasures if the application for disposal of the Remix is dismissed?

= The Pike Project is aware that it failed to solve the distribution problem. But as you know, we have solved the distribution problem. The two cases are different because they are distributed within the distribution plan submitted to Upbeat. It is the best thing for investors to keep the transaction right now, so I will focus on the disposal.

Q. Upbeat said yesterday afternoon asked me to ask for a minor.

= It was rather than a trivial content. Lastly, the distribution ticket we submitted was to be re-published according to their standards.

Q. There will be a lot of changes in the Remix ecosystem, but do you plan to publish a new cryptocurrency that replaces Wax?

= No at all. Remade plans to join with Remix in the future. As mentioned earlier, because it is a Korean company, it is attracting a lot of attention in Korea because it is a listed company in Korea. Therefore, it is believed that the business will be limited whether it is a deal or not.

Q. As Remade became the second-largest shareholder in July, the possibility of commerce was mentioned.

= It was not considered at all. When Bithumb repaired a virtual asset report in connection with that, there were also audit and supervision of the government authorities. Even then, I went to the part I reviewed and had no problem at all.

Q. I was convinced that there is no possibility of being in the past, but it seems to be poisonous in this situation. Meanwhile, I recently attracted investment at Microsoft and Kaboom Securities, and I wonder if there is a bad effect on this.

= It is not like a fortune-teller, but I made the best judgment based on my information. As it will be released later, Days and our communication have been dealt with big problems and small problems remain. It was reasonably judged that there was no possibility of commercial because it was sincerely dealing with more than 20 problems.

However, I have heard that. I was angry with my convincing remarks, so I decided to decide to show it. That’s something. I’m angry and treat it like that. If it’s real, if it affects judgment, I think that’s a serious problem. No matter how angry and dislike people, it’s a fair exchange. The investment was finished well last year.

Q. There is no problem with the distribution of Wax, and it will not match the previously planned distribution.

= There is no distribution plan that Days has. The only thing that has a distribution plan is the only upbeat. In addition, it is also confirmed that it is distributed less than the distribution plan that was issued on the upbeat.

Q. If you can’t trade on a domestic exchange, you should think of overseas exchanges. I am wondering if there is a discussion with Binance or Kines.

= Of course, discussing. I can’t answer when, but if the discussion is in progress, I will share it at the right time for the market if it is confirmed.

Q. I wonder if the results of disposition will be made before that.

= As I said before, the method is the most important alternative, so I am focusing on applying for disposal.

Q. While applying for disposal, he said he would try to correct it legally.

= Everything is open. Currently, we are focusing on the disposal, and if there is a criminal responsibility, it will be asked.

Q. There is a concern that some new works, which are on board, will be delayed.

= We plan to do business as scheduled by We such as Onboarding. Casual games and social casino games that Remade Play are preparing from ‘Mir M’ CBT right now will be launched in December as scheduled.

Q. Although the volume of trading in upbeat is overwhelming, Days decided, but is it a question of upbeat?

This is because the only exchange that planned the distribution volume is upbeat. In addition, we said that when we made a distribution plan, it could be distributed differently during the project development. But now it makes sense because it is actually different when I come with a distribution plan. That’s why I’m talking about upbeats.

Q. I wonder what communication has been done with other exchanges.

Docs is not known how decision-making and how it affects each exchange. After all, we nor we do not know what happens in the black box called Days. Is it normal not to know how to make decisions? What are we doing

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