What skills should I improve primarily in Gungrave Gore?

Gun grave Gore is a third-person tense shooter that will check your skills. The more furious you will destroy enemies, the more points you will receive for more powerful abilities. From the very beginning, you get a slightly more than one way to effectively eradicate the opposition. Since the choice is so great, you need to know which skills to improve primarily in Gun grave Gore.

skills that you need to choose primarily in Gun grave Gore

There are several ways to choose skills at the beginning of Gun grave Gore. If you play high settings, and you have problems with survival, put points in HP Upgrade LV.1 (life glasses) and, more importantly, improving the restoration of the LV.1 shield. But if you want to expand your offensive repertoire, the best way to do it. Improving the demolition point LV.1.

By choosing this skill, you will unlock additional powerful abilities that can be activated for demolition points. Usually you will need one or two points, as they can clean the entire room from enemies in a matter of seconds. Most of these special techniques are associated with the coffin Death Hauler, which you carry with you.

  • The rain of fate-Death Hauler becomes a missile installation that launches six homing missiles. You need two demolition points to activate this move.
  • A cemetery-this special move will slow down the time and movement of enemies, which will give you a significant advantage. Two demolition points are required to use it.
  • The fire of hell-your coffin will erupt the fire in all directions. You can burn enemies to the ground, but you cannot move. To perform this special technique, you need two points of destruction.
  • The raging hell is to destroy everything around you, swinging the coffin and shooting in all directions. You need two DPs to perform this special attack.

how to get demolition points in Gun grave Gore

To get the demolition points in Gun grave Gore, you must fill in the demolition scale in the upper right corner of the screen under the shield. You will see that one circle to the left of the skull is filled when it is loaded. The fastest way to fill in the scale of demolition points is to play aggressively and quickly kill a lot of enemies. The game will not allow you to fight carefully, so a total war with evil forces is the only way out.


How to get glasses for pumping skills in Gun grave Gore

Gun grave Gore urges you to cope with destruction as creatively as possible. Thus, at the end of the level, you will earn more points that you can use to improve skills. If you play conservatively, you will complete this level (perhaps), but you will not have enough points to improve. This can be problematic at the later stages of this long game, when you need more powerful movements to stay alive.

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