Andor suffered Disneys censorship and hid what we all thought: That the empire fucks!

Ardor, the prequel series of the film Rogue One: a story of Star Wars-who in turn is a prequel to a new hope-, recently closed its first seon by high presenting a Cpian Ardor determined to face the empire and a Scene postcredites that w a wink for fans. And despite the fact that the series h had enough freedom when raising its plot before relating it directly to the script of Rogue One, it did suffer some censorship by disney. This is explained by one of its protagonists, actress Denise Golf (the evil Era Metro in fiction) in a recent interview with Empire magazine.

A phre that crossed Disney’s red line

This is explained by the actress, revealing such a surprising change ordered by Disney if we take into account that it is only a phre with which the vt majority of spectators can feel identified, but that it is still badly, which could influence the SHOW AGES CLSIFICATION:

Fiona’s voice w above all of us. Except that, in the end, he did not say: ‘Fight against the Empire!’ He said: ‘That the empire fucks!’ Which excited us all. But we were not allowed to keep it, obviously, explains Denise Golf to Empire.

And it is that Golf already thought at the time of recording that this phre would not remain the same in the sembly room; In addition, if we carefully observe the sequence in its original English version, it can be noted that the image does not fit at all with the sound. Even some fans have noticed that Fiona Shaw’s lips (which plays the character of Marva Ardor in the series) do not agree with the word Fight but with fuck.


Be that it may, it is a small curiosity that is still censorship at almost imperceptible levels; But censure after all.

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