FIFA Online 4, Korea vs. Brazilian game prediction 28%

At the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup, Korea has grabbed Portugal and entered the round of 16, and it is interested in whether the Taegu Warriors will be able to play against the eternal winning candidate Brazil.

Ahead of the World Cup Round of 16, Nixon analyzed the vast coaching mode play big data accumulated in FIFA Online 4 to summarize how to win the Brazilian victory.

The analysis was in charge of the Nixon IntelliJ Passion Labs fifa analysis department and based on 840,000 Korean VS Brazilian supervision mode play data held in FIFA Online 4 from January to November. FIFA Online 4 Director Mode is a match-based match mode based on artificial intelligence (AI). The user is a content that plays a fierce fight with the other person as if he had a chess by changing team tactics and personal tactics in real time. Many play data, including major attack routes, effective tactics, and big players.

As a result of the analysis of the director’s mode play big data analysis, Korea’s odds were inferior at 28%, but when Kim mid-Jan, Son Heung-min, and Lee Kingpin were used, the win rate increased, and Son Heung-min’s performance, Kim mid-Jan’s appearance, and Lee Kingpin’s selection were key to victory It is expected to be. In particular, Korea’s main attack route is expected to be effective in the central penetration and left cross, and Son Heung-min’s fast central penetration in the last Portugal counterattack and Lee Kingpin’s sharp left cross shown in Ghanaian.

Brazil was selected as the main players: center back Tiago Silva, Martin News, and attackers Neymar and Hishalicon, who allowed only one goal in three games. In particular, the Brazilian defensive team is considered to be perfect for the new harmony of Tiago Silva and the heyday, which is solid and experienced in the first and second rounds of the group stage.


To target this, CHO Unsung, a taller than two center backs, seems to be more important than ever. CHO Unsung played a big role in winning the air ball in the group stage, and is considered to be the most threatening player of Lee Kingpin’s left cross, which is expected to be effective in this analysis. Brazil’s main attack route was a central penetration and a long pass. Through the stable build-up of Tiago Silva and Martin News, if Neymar cracks on the defensive line, starting with the accurate rear long pass, it is important to note that Hishalicon attacks the gap.

Meanwhile, Nixon will hold a match for each match on the FIFA Online 4 official website until December 18 for the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup. If you hit a number of items, such as the team to score the first goal and the player team selected as MOM, you plan to offer a rich game item if you hit the match team.

Nixon Park Jung-moo, head of the group, said, It is a data that analyzes the big data played by users directly, so you can see more interesting than before. Do it.

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