The 10 Reons Why You Should Get Excited About The New Joker Movie

There is still a lot to be
had exceeded 1,000 million dollars in collection.
With Todd Phillips at the head of the direction, Joaquin Phoenix in the skin of Joker and Lady Gaga in Harley Quinn, we talk about one of the most anticipated premieres among fans of the DC universe.
And it is likely that the wait is even longer than it is, because the US director h put our teeth long for two reons: one is that the filming h begun, and the other is that we already have the first official image
Of the same, in which we see Joaquin Phoenix in the psychiatric Ar khan ylum, one of the most iconic scenarios in the franchise.

Joker 2: Folio à DEU: What do we know about the sequel?

Although it is still early and the film does not have special synopsis, in recent months some details have been shared that help us to get a slight idea of what we can expect.
If we take a look at the 2019 tape, in the final bars we see Joker flee from the psychiatric, and both Phillips and Phoenix himself already commented that they would love to see how far the character could go.


Something to take into account is the name of the film and its meaning: folie à deux is the description of a mental condition that refers to simultaneous madness, in which the distortion of reality is experienced by more than one person to the
Same time.
However, the disorder is born in one mind, while another-or several-is infected and reaches the same state.
According to this, it is logical to think that we will see Joker spreading his delusions to someone else.
In any ce, we will have to wait almost two years to see it;
We trust that it will be much less to learn about new details.

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