School Simulation Game Study New M 15 Days To Be Released

AMPLE FUN announced on the 15th that it will start the official service of the new M of the management simulation game study of the school life materials developed by the company.
This launch allows users to download and play games from Google Play, Apple App Store, and One Store.

With the official launch, Shin M of study also released a music video containing the sound source produced by Tiger JK and Soon Migrate.
After watching the music video, the user can participate in the challenge event in the YouTube and Tic Talk community and receive abundant rewards.

Tiger JK, a member of the OST Queen Run Migrate and a famous hip program Show Me the Money Judge, was selected as a promotional model in the new M of study, and produced the same OST as the game name.
The new M of game study organized the challenge competition to enjoy and enjoy the sound source with many users.

This game is based on the school campus.

The user can be the principal of the school that belongs to the school, and can conduct campus construction, teacher employment, student recruitment, education curriculum planning, subject tutoring, and mock exams.

In particular, the game reminds me of the school life of the school by realistically restoring the school campus life.


The toys that the user actually used when they were young appeared as an item, or even students who are sleeping in class.
In addition, if you participate in campus events such as sports meetings, you can experience the feeling of returning to school days.

In the game, you can check the style full of youth and love.
Unlike the characteristics of the actual school, the user should be educated or fostered according to the characteristics of the student, and developed into a prestigious school.
In addition, the federation with other school principals can be established and interacted.

In commemoration of the launch, the new M of study organized a launch commemorative event to receive abundant rewards, and based on the official sound source of Tiger JK & Soon Mira, which was released today, video such as dance, song, and remixes containing the contents of the school.
After producing and uploading to YouTube or Tic Talk channels, it provides a gift for users who have inserted the hashtag #study M and #M Challenge.

In the case of YouTube participants, the prize is 2 million won for the first place, the second place for the second place, the photo shoot of the photo shoot, the tiger JK & Soon Migrate autographed album, and the 20 people through the lottery.
In the case of Tic Talk participants, the prize is 1 million won for the first place, the tiger JK pictorial shooting costume for the second place, the tiger JK & Soon Mira sign album for the third place, and the 20 people through the lottery
Provide it.

More details can be found on the official Never lounge.

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