The Game Of The Year (Goty) 2022 of the Readers, Vote For Your Favorite!

In Meditation we are already on the way to Got 2022, a vote that we have already made internally in the magazine and that we will soon reveal on the web.

We are also interested in what you think, our readers, so we bring you a survey so that you can vote for your game of the private year.
Are you from Elden Ring or God of War: Ragnarök?
Maybe you prefer Enfilade Chronicles 3, Stray or another candidate?
Inside survey!
To participate in the vote it is essential
Just opened by Dario, Gaming Club.
The project, prepared in collaboration with Game loft, allows you to play more than 180 free games and compete against the rest of the contestants to win fabulous awards.

Elden Ring, game of the year at The Game Awards 2022

Until at the end of the gala the triumph of the nine work of Hideaway Miyazaki w not certified, which at let in the individual awards had lost statuettes against the other strongest candidate, God of War Ragnarök.
Be that it may, Elden Ring won the highest award, while the public opted for Genshin Impact.
The truth is that no other candidate w a favorite for Got 2022, despite the quality of all proposals.
Horizon Forbidden West, Enfilade Chronicles 3, by plague Tale: Requiem and Stray complete the list.


You can discover what were the games awarded at The Game Awards 2022 in this news.
In addition, the Geoff Kafka show served to present new projects and more information about video games already announced.
Do not miss our summary of the gala with all the ads, surprises and more.

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