Mabinogi, the first large-scale winter update is carried out in the dark. Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-

Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) announced on the 16th that it has performed the darkness of the first large-scale winter update in the online game Making.


In this winter’s first update, Million will reorganize the various reinforcement systems so that they can move towards greater challenges.

First, to enchant will reduce the decrease in the durability of the equipment when it fails, and changes the effect that is closer to the maximum value in the event.
The renovation system improves to identify the modified history from the modified item after the update, and it is also possible to restore the modified modifications from the last stage by using the modified restoring kit.
Erg introduced the grade to lower the barrier to entry, and changes the possibility gradually according to the number of open attempts to reduce the burden of opening.
In addition, it supports the attempts to strengthen Million, which has completed the early growth by increasing the number of Stone promotions and the number of sentence runes by Alan Knights.

At the same time, the prologue story of the new Dungeon Glen Bern, which is scheduled to be updated in January, will also be released.
Glen Verna can only be entered through the sculpture of the Sleep Mishit area north of Trail, and it is a mysterious area where day and night coexist.

Nixon will hold a black combo card event that will return until January 19 to commemorate the Making Massive Winter Update.
If you complete various quests through the special training of Boost Joe, collect card fragments and points to open the card slot, you can create your own combo card that is directly related to the specifications, such as increasing skill combo damage magnification.
During the same period, the Nixon Cash entry event will be held.

One-time access, Glen Bern prologue clear, and cumulative level 20,000, etc., and various quests are completed.
Land) Nixon Cash will be presented to a total of 7,605 people, including 50,000 won (100 people).

In addition, the winter snack alliance event will be held in cooperation with E-Mart 24 until January 25th.
Samba & Kimchi Fried Bap, Sweet Potato Pork Cutlet, PC Room Chili Hot Dog, PC Room Cheese Hot Dog
After purchasing, you can earn a stamp with E-Mart 24 apps to exchange it with the game item coupon.
E-Mart 24, which includes special items such as stamp 1, unlimited (14th) coupon, unlimited passage of 5 pieces/Belt ain elite pre-missions box, Radical’s combat experience potion (1 hour), and E-Mart 24 Special Extra Totems.
You can exchange special gift box coupons.

For more information on the dark and various events in the Making 1st large-scale winter update, you can find it on the official website.

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