EVE Onlines New Frontlines Website Updates Factional Warfare Details In Real Time

In a recent blog post, CCP Games outlined the changes and updates to EVE Online’s Factional Warfare, which include new maps, graphics, and gameplay that make the massive battles over contested star systems between four rival empires feel more like interactive stories than ever before.

Factional warfare in EVE Online has actually been totally revamped with the most recent Uprising expansion, and New Eden’s war zones have actually felt more alive than they have because the Triglavians pressed into deep space. ccp games has now released a way to keep up with the faction warfare gains when you’re not in the MMO to experience them yourself.


Faction warfare gains and losses can be difficult to track in-game, regardless of the recently revamped Factional Warfare and Firm windows. Seeing precisely what systems are controlled by the Gallant or the Amaru at any provided time can be a little difficult for brand-new gamers to explore, and for those who are seeking to cover the war to discover the very best systems to attack, defend and more it can be a bit unruly.

From the EVE site:

You can take a look at the brand-new Front lines page on the EVE Online website.

EVE Online has released a new Front lines page which updates in real time with the gains and losses in each system included in the various disputes. The page itself reveals the breakdown in between the various factions themselves that are at war, in addition to hotspots war zone information and tutorial videos to display how the new changes work in-game.

The maps on the brand-new front lines page react dynamically, letting you select a private system to see whether it’s a frontline system or one of the various brand-new system classifications, how objected to a system is, and more. In addition, you can choose each specific faction to get a breakdown of how it’s performing in its existing war, which side has an advantage, and more.

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