Gungrave G.O.R.E Releaes A Free Cel-Shading Mode

Gun grave G.O.R.E is being updated today with a free CEL SHADING mode and countless improvements for the game. The update, which is available now to download on Steam, contains a host of new features that players will be able to enjoy from this moment on. There are other smaller changes and updates that have been made to improve the user experience of everyone who enjoys Gun grave G.O.R.E

Gun grave G.O.R.E-the stylish third-person action shooter by the South Korean studio Iggy and released by Prime Matter-receives a brand-new patch with some totally free premium material.


The most recent patch includes a complimentary CEL SHADING mode, which offers the graphic the appearance of the previous Gun grave games and is a reward for sentimental severe fans.
When it stands still for more than 10 seconds, there is likewise a new idle mode that keeps graving position.
There are likewise some innovations in the graphic, such as additional demolition shots with vibrant cam work, which ensure destruction sequences.

In addition, work was done on the fundamental gameplay, with optimizations on 25 systems and balancing, which guarantee that the players can get the very best out of the title.

We have actually enhanced the balancing based on the feedback of the players so that they can delight in the game in a much more method.
I hope that you can see Gun grave G.O.R.E as a cool action video game and continue to have a great deal of enjoyable with it and I eagerly anticipate being able to use more enhancements for the gamers in the future, says Kim Cartoon, manufacturer of the Gun grave G.O.R.E teams.
Gun grave G.O.R.E is now back on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X and PC.
The video game in the Xbox Game Pass is included.

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