All The Rewards of Winterfest 2022 in Fortnite

The Annual Vacation event Winter fest has returned to Fortnite again for 2022 and brings another sack full of gifts so that all players claim them.
All rewards listed below will be free for all players, similar to previous events, although one of the cosmetics will require a specific platform to claim.
Here are all the rewards of Winter fest 2022 in Fortnite.

All current Fortnite Winter fest 2022 rewards

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Winter fest 2022 will deliver three aerosols, three music packages, two attire, two gliders, two wraps, an emoticon, a Back BLING, an emoticon, a wake and a harvest tool.
That means that all Fortnite players can get 17 free cosmetics articles during the event.
Here is the complete list of Winter fest 2022 gifts:
Guff suit ready for sled
Arctic Adeline outfit
Rip & Tear (2016) Music
Fa-la-la-Llama Back Bling
Maternal Whirligig Planner
Tape wake
Fractured melody music
When the wind blows music
Kringle gift paper
Muddy furtive envelope
Prancer small gesture
Boom Double Emoticon
Guanine spray
Bad or good?
There will also be an attire of Guff Kringle that is exclusive to PC players as a free offer through Epic Games Store.
Console players and mobile devices will have to find a computer, download Epic Games Launcher, Download Fortnite and claim the mask for free through the game store.


Guff Kringle’s outfit will be available to claim from December 13 to Tuesday, January 1.
3, 2023.
That is all the rewards of Winter fest 2022 in Fortnite.
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