Advent Calendar 2022 – Day 20

It’s day 20 of the Advent Calendar 2022, and what a treat we have in store for you today! We’ve got some incredible prizes that you can win, so if you’re a gamer then this is the perfect opportunity to add something special to your collection. Keep reading to find out more about our amazing deals and don’t forget to share with your friends!

In the Arrival calendar, excellent rewards and many games are concealed every day, which we are offering away from all individuals.
Every day you have the chance to win grand prizes with your five remarks for 5 various news of the day.
The Revolution X was developed in cooperation with Xbox and offers the finest current technologies and some special functions with a total of 41 choices for individualization that satisfy the requirements of eSports neighborhood on Xbox consoles and PC.
Special functions of the Revolution X Pro Controller:
Developed for Xbox: officially licensed, wired controller for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.
The capacity of the Transformation X: Everyone can utilize their full potential with expert, patented and ergonomic Transformation X sticks that offer precision and versatility for all types of video games.
Optimized comfort: A selection of concave and convex heads along with different shafts can be put on the stay with effortlessly alter their grip and level of sensitivity.
Both deals with offer covert weights for a custom-made gaming experience.
Revolution X-app: Free offered from the Microsoft Store for Xbox and Windows 10 PC.
With the app, up to four video game profiles for each video game type can be created and saved straight in the controller.
Dolby Atmos for Headphones: With the Dolby Atmos app, Dolby Atmos can be used in video games.
To do this, the app should be downloaded and any headset or headphones need to be connected to the controller in order to use precise audio for your own advantage.
The Bacon Transformation X Pro-Controller is now readily available for the suggested prices of 119.99 euros in stores and with a little luck you can win it today!

Arrival calendar prices

  • Bacon Revolution X Pro Controller worth 119.99 euros
  • 2x WRC Generations-Disc
  • 2x vampire: The Masquerade-SwanSong-Disc (involvement from 18).
  • 5x Mr. Prepper.

velopment calendar competition rules.

Daily revenues: To be part of the velopment Calendar every day, you need to write a minimum of five talk about five various news every day.
Anyone who composed 5 different news comments a day instantly winds up in the everyday draw.
Process: We open a door in the development calendar every day in the news of the day.
With your five talk about 5 various news of the day, you collect your participation and instantly take part in the everyday advent calendar draw.
Anybody who composes less comments a day does not end up in the daily draw.
Note: All winners will be informed about their profit via personal message.
Spam note: The velopment calendar has to do with leaving his viewpoint in a good talk about 5 various news concerns and not posting the Development calendar news five times.
So 5 regular comments with a viewpoint on the topic on five different news on the very same day.
Anybody who spams, their account will right away exclude the draw and obstruct it if needed.
Just like all competitors, the general conditions of participation use.
If you want to support us in the future, leave a follow on our channels and share this door with your buddies:.
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    The whole team keeps their fingers crossed for all individuals and want you a terrific arrival calendar time!
    This calendar is our thanks to you for your support and your trust in us.
    In addition, you have the alternative of winning an uncommon and strictly minimal Fallout Pip-Boy Edition.
    Click on this link for the raffle:.
    That’s not all, since by December 24, 2022, you can also win a Gotham Knights Collectors Edition worth 399.99 euros (RRP).
    Click here for the raffle:.

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