The Firemen: A Look At The Classic SNES Shooter With Fire Brigade Setting

The Super Nintendo.
Such an exceptionally excellent console with such a legendary output that everybody instantly has images of outright players in their head as quickly as the name falls.
We believe back to Super Mario World, Castlemaine 4, Super Metro id or Donkey Kong Country and lose ourselves in an enjoyable 16-bit nostalgia.
We typically forget that there were other really excellent games on the SNES in addition to all the classics that still appear in nearly every finest list.
They were only changed by all the mega highlights from our transfigured memories.
We wish to introduce you to among these perhaps not best, but still perfect pearls for the Super Nintendo: The Firemen.

Actually, it is quite unexpected that there are so few computer games with fire department issues, where there are allegedly numerous kids later want to end up being a firefighter or lady, and the majority of these games are not particularly excellent either.
The Firemen, which appeared in Japan and 95 in Europe and Australia in 1994, accepted the topic in a rather refreshing method.
On the one hand, the title of Human Home entertainment challenges the gamers with truly dangerous circumstances and puts them under pressure with a time frame.
On the other hand, The Firemen, on the other hand, is a fun action game with a cute graphic design that does not take itself so seriously.
We first dedicate ourselves to the story.
The Firemen in the Retro-Special (3) Source: PC Games

silently the ash snow trickles

In the 2010, 2010, which is still distant to appear, a fire breaks out at the Christmas celebration of the Chemical Group Metric.
As if that weren’t enough, there is also a highly explosive chemical called MDL in the structure.
The fire brigade right away proceeds and sends its most capable firemen into the burning house.
While coworkers Max and Walter are traveling in another part of the structure to extinguish the fires, we handle the role of the head of operations Pete Gray, who, together with his partner Daniel McLean, goes into the most harmful part of Metro tech.
Occasionally there are still people in the structure who need to be freed, and the entire structure likewise threatens to fly up due to the MDL chemical.
Fortunately, Frank Weller, the designer of the center, reports by radio and guides our protagonists through the flame hell.
The Firemen in the Retro-Special (8) Source: PC Games
That all sounds a bit more amazing than it in fact is.
The story is told about radio expressions in text kind and is just practical.
Nevertheless, the presentation of the adventure was quite effective.
From time to time there are cutscenes in which Pete and Danny simply leave a surge, and the discussions are often amusing.
So our firefighter argues e.g.
B. with the designer how you might develop such a house at all, whereupon Frank Weller is a bit snapped.
The threat from fire and surge threat is not precisely communicated seriously, but the discussions make sure enjoyable.
And finally, the gameplay is not precisely realistic.
Even the final of the game, where Pete and Danny stays just one last chance to conserve the structure and various lives, is not especially interesting.


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