How Grogu (Baby Yoda) Returned In Season 3 Of The Mandalorian: A Spoiler-Filled

The second season of The Mandalorian ended with the saddest decision when Din Darin, also known as command (Pedro Pascal), decided
train on the paths of the Jedi.
When the new starting season begins on March 1, Din and Grog will be together again, so the big question is how Grog (Baby Yoda) is returning with Mandalorian in season 3.

How did Baby Yoda and Mandalorian gather in season 3?

Grog and the Mandalorian, Din Darin, gathered during the events of the Disney+ Star Wars television program The Boba Fett book.
The series starring another hunter in Tattooing stopped its history during two episodes to tell what was happening with Grog and Din Darin.
Grog was training with Luke Skywalker to become Jedi, while command had his own problems, since he could not control his dark saber, so he went to see his substitute son.
The Mandalorian was denied the visit because he went against the Jedi Order, who believes that there should be no personal ties.
Luke forced his student to choose between a lightsaber and an armor vest Bear given by Din Darin as a way of deciding between their two possible lives: Jedi or Mandalorian.
Grog chose the vest and returned with his adoptive father.
As the new season’s trailer shows, that is where the public finds them at the beginning of season 3.


The fact that Grog has chosen the Bear armor also implies that he decided to become Mandalorian and follow the same creed as Din, which makes it possible for The Mandalorian to refer to Grog in the long term.
Now that you know how Grog (Baby Yoda) is back with Mandalorian in season 3, you can search for more guides and news about the program in.
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