How a Video Game Entrepreneur Became A Terrorist In Belarus Overnight

Belarus (Belarus) sees one of the creators of War gaming as a sought-after terrorist.
The software company War gaming is mainly known for World of Tanks, a Free2Play Panzer shooter.
Nick Katselapov is Executive Director and Chief Company Development Officer at War gaming: he is among the founders and partners of the company.
In Belarus, he is thought about a desired terrorist.
The entrepreneur’s category as a terrorist came from the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus, the information about the category was published by the Ministry of Terms and taxes (by means of Nobel. By).
What does War gaming relate to it?
War gaming was originally founded in Belarus, but moved its headquarters to the island of Cyprus in 2011.
It was formerly often mentioned as one of the most rewarding companies in Belarus (by means of gry-online. Pl).
Nick Katselapov is likewise said to be among the 20 richest Belarusians and is considered a business owner with a lot of influence in the nation (via
After the attack from Russia to Ukraine, the War gaming company closed its offices in Russia and Belarus.
The objective of the measure was to no longer own or run or operate company in Russia or Belarus.
Our knowledge on Mango refers to video gaming.
If you wish to take a better take a look at the dispute of Russia with Ukraine, we suggest that you discover more on main pages or on news magazines:

  • War in Ukraine (via NZZ).
  • Ukraine live blog (via time).
  • Solidarity with Ukraine (by means of the Federal Foreign Office).

Crucial note: If you are afflicted by dark ideas due to the fact that of the present situation: You are not alone.
Please get help.


For example, in the telephone counseling at 0800/111 0 111 or the online pastoral care, where you can likewise use a chat.
This is totally free and applies across the country.
Why is Katselapov thought about a terrorist?
The letter from the Ministry of Tax and Delivery reveals that the entrepreneur is stated to have supported companies with funds that are classified as terrorist companies in Belarus.
Nevertheless, it is not pointed out which organizations should be.
It is only stated that the basis for the classification of Article 290-1 of the Republic of Belarus is (through Gry-Online. Pl).
The name of the entrepreneur was found on the list of the Belarusian every day NASA Nina (by means of, which is considered to be vital of the federal government.
It is one of the oldest newspapers in the nation and has actually been an extremist development (through considering that 2022.
Belarus is a close ally of Russia and is thought about the last dictatorship in Europe (by means of ARD MediaTek).
The State Security Committee is thought about a secret cops and is called KGB, similar to the former and feared Secret Service of the Soviet Union.
Why exactly the War gaming entrepreneur is now being looked for as a terrorist can not be said securely.

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