Marvel Snap Battle Mode: How To Fight Your Friends Without Breaking A Sweat

With the launch of the battle mode, players can finally try their mallets against their own friends in Marvel Snap without worrying about cubes or trying to synchronize their pairing times.
It is also an excellent way to test your mallets before leading them to the classification, so we definitely recommend that you try it.
Here is how to fight friends at Marvel Snap.

fighting friends in Marvel Snap’s battle mode

First, make sure your client Marvel Snap has updated the latest version.
Once the game started, touch the small arcade icon at the bottom of the screen, where the seasonal pass icon used to be.
From here, touch friendly battle and will have the option to create or join a room.
Once you create a room, you will generate a code that you can send to a friend.
Then, your friend must choose to join a room, enter the code, and you will enter a game together.
In the battle mode, both will begin with 10 of life and fight with the same deck they chose at the beginning.


The chasquido mechanics is still at stake here, and who first exhausts the 10 health points loses the game.
At the time of writing this article, the battle mode is blocked by region, although Second Dinner has mentioned that the ability to change region will soon reach the game.
That is all you need to know how to fight friends at Marvel Snap.
Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more tips and information about the game, including how you can change your name in the game.
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