A Closer Look At Huffling: Why This Hogwarts House Is The Best Fit For You In Hogwarts Legacy

Although it is possible to take the test to discover your Hogwarts Magic and Witchcraft House for Potter more (now called Warding World), many players may face questions about which house would like to join Hogwarts Legacy, the new Harry Potter game;
In the game, it is possible to choose from the greedy, huffy, goals, Slytherin and Ravenclaw houses.
As was always highlighted in the franchise, but it is extremely difficult for someone to fit 100% on the characteristics of only one house.
According to what has been released so far, we know that there will be a home distribution ceremony in the game, and the selector hat will make your choice based on our character’s past.
Thus, there will be the option of manipulating the story to fall into the house you want.
However, if you link your Warding World account with your Warner os. profile.
Games, both your home and the wand assigned to you will be imported into the game.
However, to completely answer the questions, see a complete summary of the following huffy:

House Summary

Created by Helga Hufflepuff, this house is considered Hogwarts’s friendliest.
Having as animal the badge, huffy is represented by the colors yellow and black-asked to the earth element.
It is no coincidence that most of the students of this house stand out in Herbology.
If one or more of the following qualities combine with your personality, you may consider entering the Huffleplace.
As the story says, the students of this house are the stereotype of loyalty and kindness.
They are also described as workers and have intense love for nature and animals.
On the ghost side, Free Gorsuch is the mascot of the house.
He went to Hogwarts in the late 10th century and, after his studies, chose to dedicate himself to religion becoming a monk.
He used to heal some smallpox peasants simply patting them on his shoulder, which eventually lifted the suspicions of the church-This made it executed and return to school like a ghost.
In addition to the abundance of morally positive characteristics, another important point is that the huge lamp room is located right next to the school’s kitchen.


Famous Hufflephere Characters

If you prefer to choose your home according to your favorite Harry Potter characters, here are some of them who were already part of the Huffleplace:
Professor Pomona Sprout, without which the petrified students would have never been saved;
Cedric Dig gory is one of the most ave in the house, being captain of his quadriceps team and one of the champions of the tribute tournament;
Impossible not to talk about Newt Salamander, the main character of fantastic animals;
We also have a certain dentist of Woodcraft, the founder of the village inhabited only by witches: Hogsmeade;
And finally, Ninfadora Monks, an Aurora that has a very powerful gift: it is a metamorph that can change the appearance of your face at any moment.
In Hogwarts Legacy, several characters we already know will be from Casey Lufa-Lufa;
The character Poppy Sweetting will be your mate if you choose this home.
It has a deep knowledge of the creatures, as well as a particular aversion by stealing hunters and those who work with them.
Also in the game is the teacher of Herbology Mirabel Garlic, who is also from Huffleplace.
Born in London, she grew up in a Muggles house and didn’t really feel at home until she was Hogwarts student.
It was in the famous witchcraft that she finally blurred and discovered an extraordinary affinity for magic plants.
Her cheerful behavior and flowery language enchant colleagues and students, making some of them fear that one day she leaves them to another greenhouse.

The Communal Loafing Room

For the first time since the release of the books, we will finally have the opportunity to visit this emblematic common room.
As much as there are different movies and books, this area of Hogwarts has never been explored in any media.
Located in the basements, next to the kitchens-we can also explore from the top to the low-the-lary room, full of details that should refer to a kind of bad Guam with low ceilings, but also decoration
Joyful and cozy, round doors and tons of copper objects.

There are also many green plants in place to represent students’ love for nature.

The home of the good guys?

If you are still hesitant, know that House House-Flute is the one that has the lowest number of students who have become wizard of darkness.
If you want to create a character who doesn’t like black magic and prefer to be on the light side, then this house is a good choice.
However, considering that the game allows you to follow any way you want, creating a dark student that is part of Hogwarts’ friendlier house can be fun.

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