Alan Wake 2: How Remedy Interpreted Survival Horror To Create A New Story Experience

Since the announcement, Alan Wake 2 has become very quiet.
In an interview, developer Remedy is now breaking silence for the first time and indicates where the journey will go in the future.

For years, Remedy and his fans fought for a continuation of Alan Wake.
Despite all the obstacles, it should work in the end: In December 2021, Remedy and Epic Games Alan Wake 2 officially announced with a first trailer.
But you didn’t want to reveal much more at the time, except that Remedy is planning something big.

Alan Wake 2: Remedy’s biggest project becomes a survival horror

As Sam Lake, Creative Director at Remedy Entertainment, now in an interview with GamesRadar, Alan Wake 2 is the largest and most ambitious project of the Finnish developer studio.
This is also due to the fact that he and the team have been pondering Alan Wake for ages.
If at all, then the dream of Alan Wake 2 has become even more ambitious and unique in all the years, said Lake.

But only after Control and his success did the vision of Alan Wake 2 accept reality-under the help of Epic Games.
Together, Epic and Remedy have already worked for Alan Wake Remastered and are now on board Alan Wake 2.
On board a survival horror game, as Game Director Kyle Rowley explains in an interview without going closer to details.

What I want to say is that we absolutely want to set an example by creating the Remedy version of Survival Horror. Gameplay, narrative, atmosphere, music was is everything from the beginning and that was very much for us from the start

not only for connoisseurs

Alan Wake 2 should not only be aimed at fans of the first part.
If you have played Alan Wake and Control, you will recognize some connections immediately, but newcomers should also be picked up.
When we developed the concept for Alan Wake 2, it was very important to us to create an experience that welcomes all players, Rowley continues.

However, there will only be a detailed idea of Alan Wake 2 in the course of the year.
After all, Remedy’s next big game according to Control should still be 2023 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X |
S appear.

It is also not the only project that is currently being created at the developer studio.
In addition to Alan Wake 2, there are also Control 2, a multiplayer spin-off to Control and a remake of Max Payne 1 & 2.


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