Gryffindor: Uncover The Story Of Hogwarts Legacys Most Daring House

Although it is possible to take the test to discover your Hogwarts Magic and Witchcraft House for Potter more (now called Warding World), many players may face questions about which house would like to join Hogwarts Legacy, the new Harry Potter game;
In the game, it is possible to choose from the greedy, huffy, goals, Slytherin and Ravenclaw houses.
As was always highlighted in the franchise, but it is extremely difficult for someone to fit 100% on the characteristics of only one house.
As released so far, we know that there will be a housing distribution ceremony in the game, and the selector hat will make your choice based on our character’s past.
Thus, there will be the option of manipulating the story to fall into the house you want.
However, if you link your Warding World account with your Warner os. profile.
Games, both your home and the wand assigned to you will be imported into the game.
However, to completely answer the doubts, see a complete summary about the Gryffindor below:

House Summary

Founded by Gothic Gryffindor, the house is worldwide recognized for housing the franchise protagonists: Harry, Ron and Hermione.
Harry Potter’s most famous house has some of the avest characters in the sample a portion of the community recognize his actions as useless heroism, including the Slytherin.
The selector hat usually chooses the avest, gentlemen and determined students and these characteristics mirror the spirit of their founding wizard.
ave, bold, and very strong, he was a friend of Salazar Slytherin, but they soon disagreed with whether to receive mixed or muggle students in Hogwarts.
Gothic thought that, regardless of blood, anyone with magical powers had the right to go to school.
He is the creator of the magical selector hat and the sword of Gryffindor, which we know how to be of great use to Harry, and created Vila Gothic’s Hollow.
The house is represented by scarlet and gold colors, and its representative animal is the lion.
By representing the fire element, the choice of colors and the animal is almost intuitive.
The most pulled color to red refers to the fire itself, while the most pulled color to gold represents the animal’s coat.
The ghost of the house is the famous almost headless Nick.
He is the best known as he accompanies Harry in every volume.
During his life, Sir Nicholas of Mery-Porpington was a wizard who lived in the court of King Henry 7 of England-a total failure.
After a magical accident, Nick was sentenced to execution and the executioner did not cut his head decently.
Therefore, she remained attached to her body thanks to a very small piece of skin.
Hence, your nickname almost headless.
It is important to note that because of this event, he could not join the headless hunting club.
He, however, went to eternity being the friendly ghost of the Gryffindor.

Famous Gryffindor characters

If you prefer to choose your home according to your favorite Harry Potter characters, here are some who were already part of the Gryffindor:
Let’s start with Sirius Black, which is living proof that you don’t always have to fit into your family’s mold, unlike Fines Nigel Black.
Black family members were almost all convinced that only pure blood could exist and enjoy the magical world.
Considering that mestizos and even muggles could also be entitled to education in Hogwarts in particular, Sirius was a very kind person, Harry’s godfather, and went to Gryffindor during his studies.
One of the greatest witches of all time.


Dumbledore target;
Sims Finnegan, the student who always explodes something and who dominates the power of fire like no one else;
Harry Potter;
Hermione Granger;
Ron Weasley;
The whole Weasley family;
Great Hagrid;
Minerva McGonagall;
Demo João Lupin;
Neville Long bottom that, according to many theories, would indeed be the true chosen, not Harry.
In Hogwarts Legacy, several characters we could already know will be from Gryffindor.
We have Cressida Blue, a student who gives us the task of seeking 5 books in the liary.
Regarding our Gryffindor companion, it is NASA OAI, a student who actually comes from the African school Mamoudzou.
After her father’s death, she left this school with her mother to join Hogwarts.
On the teachers’ side, we obviously have Matilda Weasley, vice-director of Hogwarts, but also transfiguration teacher like McGonagall was at Harry’s time.
We also have Eleazar Fig Professor of Magic Theory-He will help us understand old magic because he wants to investigate his wife’s death at all costs, Miriam.

The Gryffindor Communal Room

Large and soft armchairs, red tapestries and portraits everywhere… The Communal Gryffindor Room exudes heat and sympathy.
In the books, J.K.
Rowling writes that the ordinary room has a warning board for students to learn about all important ads, events and other lists of lists for sale.
Many windows give to the school ground and a large fireplace dominates one of the walls.

There are also shelves full of various novels.
The entrance to the ordinary room is a circular hole hidden by the portrait of the fat woman.
You just need to know the password, so you can pass.

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