Advance Wars 1+2 Rumored To Re-Launch Early – All The Information You Need To Know

In recent days, diverse rumors have emerged about Nintendo, one of them focuses on Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp is at all launched after its two delay dates.
The first signs were given last week, when their file was updated on the official website, that is added that the game returned for reservations in some stores.
Now, a new track has emerged that indicates the imminent departure date, and that is because some Reddit users who turn out to be employees of retail stores such as Walmart, have received posters to glue from the video game.
The most curious thing about the whole matter is that they do not say any output window, rather it is established in the same available now.
After that comes another quite suspicious comment, since the immediate bosses of these have indicated that they cannot hit them until next February 10 of the current year.
That means that the Japanese company would reveal new progress of the game next week, which would be established on February 10 as its official date.

The same rumor also coincides with the fact that there will be a new Nintendo Direct on February 7, and if the company plans to make such a movement, next February 3 it would be the ideal day to do so.


However, the company has been known to reveal things out of nowhere, so it would not surprise that an advance of the game is launched on Monday.
Via: Nintendo
Editor’s note: It would be a good strategy for the game to launch the following Friday, as long as Hogwarts Legacy.
In fact, it would be something similar to what happened with Hi-fi Rush last week when the day of its presentation to Xbox consoles arrives.

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