| Learn How to Get the Imperio Curse in the Hogwarts Heritage

Imperil is an unforgivable curse that you can study in your way to become evil in the Hogwarts Heritage.
This powerful curse allows you to control your enemies and force them to obey your every team.
You can even make them fight for you and next to you as an allay while the curse is acting.
Imperil is only one of three unforgivable curses.
Others are a curse of Fruits to torment your victims, and a deadly curse to… kill your enemies.
Remember that the use of any unforgivable curse is a one-way ticket to Azkaban prison.
However, there is no moral system in Hogwarts’s Heritage, so you can use them at will during the battle, except students on the territory of the campus.
Please note that the curse of the Empire is not part of the main storyline.

You will get the opportunity to unlock the Imperil, following Sebastian Sallow, the new character of Slytherin in Hogwarts’s Heritage.
He is fond of dark arts for personal reasons and knows all three unforgivable curses.


Sebastian is the one who teaches you to impose an imperious curse.
This will happen in one of its side quests called in the shadow of time when you will need to choose to study IMPERIL.

how to start a quest

You are invited to join the side quest in the shadow of time Sebastian Sallow after reaching the level 17.
This is happening in catacombs in the Feedlot region.
He sends you an invitation to your OWL Post.
Before starting this side quest, you need to make sure that you have already completed in the shadow of the opening of the side quest and the task of Professor Weasley, who also teaches you the transformation spell.

how to unlock the curse of the Empire

To unlock the curse of the Empire, you need to perform all the steps of passing the side quest in the shadow of time.
These include
Meeting with Sebastian: After you received an invitation to OWL Post, go to the catacombs in the BEECROFT region, where you will find the Sebastian Sallow.
Entrance to the catacombs: After you meet Sebastian Sallow, you must enter the catacombs in the Found croft region.
Discover the student magazine: After you entered the catacombs, it’s time to use spells.
You will encounter spiders that you need to win and burn their web using the Intended spell.
Now go to the corridor and find the altar.
There will be a record in a student journal that you can collect.
Conversation with Sebastian: After you discovered a student magazine, you need to talk about this with Sebastian and ask him to tell you the details.
Bypass of the barricade: now you will encounter a barricade and can go through it using spells.
Bones will lie in the room.
Use the Levies Vanadium spell to raise the bones into the air, and then bring them to you using a joint spell.
Imperil training: This is the most important step, as you study the curse of the Empire at this step.
Sebastian asks you if you want to study Imperil, and if you agree, he teaches you a curse.
But if you do not agree, you do not study the curse of the Empire, and the quest continues.
Win spiders and find a relic: by studying the curse, you need to defeat several spiders, and then go to the altar.
Here you will find a note about the relic and illustration of the lost relic.
Conversation with Sebastian: Talk to Sebastian about the relic that you just discovered, and then leave the catacombs.
A conversation with Minis: on the way back, you will also meet Minis and you need to talk to him, and then leave the catacombs.
Protect Fladecroft: now you need to return to Found croft and protect it from loyalists.
Meet Uncle Sebastian: the last step in performing a side quest is a meeting with Solomon Sallow, Uncle Sebastian Sallow.
The conversation with him is completing the quest.

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