According to the responsible studio Remedy Entertainment, Production Has Progresses So Far to Allow Players to Experience the Game from Start to Finish | Updates on Other Projects from Remedy Entertainment

The production of Alan Wake 2 is progressing.
According to the accountable studio Remedy Entertainment, production has advanced up until now that the title can be played through from start to complete.
Alan Wake 2 remains in complete production.
The video game will quickly be geared up with all content and can be played from start to end up.
Then we will start to polish up the experience, states the business’s latest financial report.
According to Remedy, Alan Wake is a distinct brand that has a high value for the studio.
However, the financial investments do not always pay off quickly, such as in the case of Alan Wake Remastered
Alan Wake Remastered has not yet produced royalties.
We expect sales to increase because Alan Wake 2’s publication is imminent and fans and brand-new players desire to experience the initial history on the new generation consoles, said Treatment.
However, not only Alan Wake is a big topic for the studio.
The teams likewise deal with a number of other jobs, including Control 2 that entered into the Evidence of Idea phase.
Solution writes: Control 2 broadens the story and the world of the initial control.

We now have detailed ideas for the game vision and all innovative locations, consisting of gameplay, story and graphics.
We are extremely pleased with the work of the group and in January 2023 the video game reached the proof-of-concept phase..

Code name Condor and Vanguard

Solution also wishes to get in the Multiplayer Games market.
Code name Condor, which is presently in the Proof-of Principle phase and is a Control spin-off, is a service-based video game and as such a new way for Remedy.
We make sure that the core gameplay is solid.
We are building the ideal team and production design for the game and patiently progressing with development, stated the designer.
Code name Lead is still in the proof-of-concept phase.
In fall 2022, it was decided to leave the video game longer in this stage and to hold off the significant growth of the advancement group to 2023.
The Lead team has actually made development and continues to work on the development of the nuclear play and the meta game in addition to testing the application of the remedy-like narrative and world building.
The development group has actually been enhanced by some essential new hires, said Remedy.
Some time ago, Remedy likewise teamed up with Rock star to rearrange Max Payne and the second part.
The task is making great progress, even if it is still in the idea stage.


We look forward to bringing this precious figure back to life on a brand-new generation of consoles and for a brand-new generation of fans, it says.
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Eventually, the Finnish studio wants to release one video game a year, starting this year with Alan Wake 2.
The last of the currently planned tasks would appear in 2027.
You can see Treatment’s total report here.
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