Explore the Heritage of Hogwarts and Find the Rewards of the Well, Well, Well Quest | Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can perform various side quests to receive various awards.
At the end of the quest Well, well, well there is a treasure, and you need to know where the treasure is to get a reward.
Here’s how to find the whereabouts of the treasures in the Hogwarts Heritage.

how to unlock the treasure in the quest Well, well, well in the Ho tarts Heritage

So this is a side quest south of the Aranchirskaya village of Foo Flames region.
You will face well to say it gives you parchment with a treasure map.
On this map of treasures there is a pattern of a place, but you will not receive instructions on the map to track it.
Fortunately, we found a treasure at the end of this quest, and you need to go a little further south to get a reward.
A place with treasures shown on a parchment map is located south of the Iron dale settlement in the Field croft region.
You will have to visit this region with Sebastian Sallow to meet his sister Anne.
Get quickly to the fireplace flame next to Iron dale, if you have it unlocked.
In addition, you can quickly go to the village of Field croft and go southeast to find a treasure map.
Check the yellow circle on the map of the map above to see the exact location of the treasure.

where to use a map of the well treasure in the Heritage Hogwarts

The treasure of the well, the map actually indicates a chest hidden under a tree.
Visit a place as shown on the map above.
Here you will find one tree inside the building with three walls.
Go closer to the tree, and you will see that it can be lifted.
Use Levies spell to raise a tree, and you can see a chest attached to its roots.
Go closer and open the chest to pick up the treasure.
From this chest you will get a two-legged hat of the treasure seeker.


Here’s how you can quickly fulfill the quest Well, well, well in the Hogwarts heritage.
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