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Ski Alpine World Cup: Departure of the men in Courchevel/Maribel now in the live ticker

It will not work
Brodie Sewer can refrain from doing this on his own
Now assistants are preparing the salvage utilizing Asia
So that will take a while
Brodie Sewer hurt his right knee
The Canadian rests on the slopes
It doesn’t go any further
On a ski, the 27-year-old now thoroughly moves down to get him from the slopes somewhere
Andreas Sander still has to wait
Brodie Sewer (can)
Afterwards, Brodie Sewer does not get far
After the very first jump, it nearly cuts him with the landing
The Canadian is creatively on his feet, but is leaving
Martin Cater (SLO)
Martin Cater is not prepared for such fantastic deeds
The Slovenian falls back quickly
The shape is merely missing out on
Therefore this will be another stopped working run, the 30-year-old has actually acknowledged this for a very long time
Cater takes control of the red lantern
Maxence Mutation (FRA)
At the top of the path is now entirely in the sun
Maxence Mutation utilizes this
And the Frenchman remains tuned, can not be shaken off
Marco Zermatt can only breathe a sigh of relief at the last meantime
However then the 32-year-old also loses half a second
Mutation is in 6th place
And there was more in there
Justin Purifier (Sui)
The slope seems to be something else
Why should the third location have currently been awarded?
We’re still waiting for a couple of runners
And Justin Purifier gets going very well
Technically, the Swiss ought to do it
Of all things, the last part of the route is not great enough
There is still half a 2nd, more than 1.2 seconds
Purifier becomes tenth
Adrien The aux (FRA)
Adrien The aux can not assert himself in these areas
Rapidly develops a clear loss of time
The Frenchman shows fantastic respect, a minimum of comes to the finish, but takes control of the red lantern with 3 and a half seconds behind
Marco Schwarz (AUT)
Why should not Marco Schwarz likewise prosper?
The former technology professional is getting more powerful in the speed area
Obviously, the Carinthian gets the somewhat turning areas well
Black is there, it defends valuable metal
The Austrian drives past the Sticker
4 hundredths of four are missing!
Cameron Alexander (can)
In the meantime, the podium is handling increasingly clear types
We waved Marco Zermatt through
And Aleksander Almost Wilde can no longer be split at human discretion
However simply when we likewise want to distribute bronze, Cameron defeats Alexander
The Canadian is truly strong, but likewise defies some errors
In reality, Alexander limits the loss of time to under one 2nd and bowled his compatriot James Crawford from the podium
What a surprise!
Matteo Marsala (ITA)
Matteo Marsala was given a beginning location at the Italian ski association
For this function, the really strong Christof Interloper was sorted out for this
In the start, Marsala is still preparing to pay back the trust
The 37-year-old does not do it all
One and a half seconds are missing in 10!
Jared Goldberg (USA)
Jared Goldberg truly lets it run at initially
At the 2nd jump, the American flies 46 meters
In the additional course, the 31-year-old does not reveal adequate bite, likewise loses two seconds and presses straight in front of Josef First
Josef First (Ger)
Josef First then guarantees promising
At the very start, the third German exists today
The 34-year-old does not give the ski enough
Legend is constantly accumulating
In overall, a good 2 seconds come together
And with that you slip to 15th location
Thomas Green (Ger)
We do not desire to hang the other medals too
There is still something in the instructions of bronze, But how ought to Thomas Green, of all things, do that
Where should the type originated from after all the injury problems?
The 30-year-old likewise lacks competition practice
Under these circumstances, Green is perfect
In the end, he actually just lacks 14 hundredths of the podium, which is a strong 6th location
Aleksander Almost Wilde (NOR)

Now Ryan Cochran-Siegle presses into the slope
Even the American does not stay devoid of the error
It’s about letting the ski run as possible
The 30-year-old tries this, but has been driving the Italian behind for a long time
And to the finish, this will be 8 tenths
Florian Schmieder (ITA)
At that minute Florian Schmieder opens this World Cup exit in wonderful conditions
The sun shines from the blue sky
After a little more than ten foster seconds, there is the first jump
The course turns something
The speeds have long been well over 100 kilometers per hour

Ski Alpine World Cup: Departure of the men in Courchevel/Maribel in the LiveTicker-before start

Prior to the start: In addition to the athletes mentioned, Aleksander Almost Wilde (begin number 15) can of course be expected today
As the second of the Super G, the Norwegian currently has its medal and is the greatest favorite in the departure with five season victories
We should also include a Frenchman in the circle of medal candidates
Here the Olympic second must be called Johan Clara (8), who also won 2-second places this winter season
Because Dominik Paris (14) currently appears to be doing not have in absolute top kind, the Italians rely more on Mattia Case (11)
And then there would be the North Americans with the Canadian Super-G world champ James Crawford (12) and the United States young boy Travis Along (13)
Prior to the start: Swiss Ski counts on two podium drivers of winter
While the Niels Hinterland (begin number 9) in Kitzbühel prospered (3rd), but he lacks the stability for routine leading positions, Marco Zermatt (10) is also the greatest Swiss hope in the departure
In regard to skill, the 2018 junior world champion can certainly win a large descent, however up until now it has been much more evaluated in the giant slalom and Super G
Fourth, the 25-year-old narrowly missed out on rare-earth element on Thursday
The field of the four Confederates is completed by Justin Purifier (23) and Alexis Money (29)
Before the start: Austria sends out the safeguarding champion into the race
Vincent Kriechmayr (begin number 6) takes pleasure in an individual beginning law, which is why the OSV can enter into the competitors on 5 drivers
The Upper Austrian won 3 descents in this World Cup winter season
In front of him, it is Omar Straining (5)
As the third Austrian in a row, Daniel Hemetsberger (7) will complete with the competitors
And that was already on the Sticker (Lake Louise) this year
Then we still have the Marco Schwarz (21), the vice world champion in mix, and Stefan Babinski (35)
Prior to the start: 4 professional athletes are at the start in the colors of the German Ski Association
It starts with the ruling German champion Rome Baumann (start number 4)
We are eagerly waiting for the appearance of the long injury-plagued Thomas Green (16)
In top type, obviously, the winner of 5 World Cup runs can not be
The last win was three years ago
Josef First (17) follows, whose shape does not exactly indicate the extremely huge deeds
From the German perspective, Andreas Sander (27) is concluded
The vice world champ from 2021 created the finest outcomes in the ranks of the DSV this winter, however did so in the Super G-so likewise on Thursday as a World Cup-Neez
Prior to the start: Today the guys are trying to find their brand-new world champ in the departure, which is thought about to be royal discipline
To do this, 45 professional athletes from 17 countries go on the slopes of L’eclipse in Coup level
A 3,100-meter long competitors route is waiting here
From the start to 2,235 meters, over 945 meters of altitude decrease to the finish
The course of the course of IS racing director Hannes Think shows the method
The 55-year-old Austrian, Departure World Champ from 2001, set out 40 objectives
Before the start: Hey there and welcome to the guy’s World Cup decision in the departure!
The live ticker begins in great time prior to the start of the competitors

Ski Alpine World Cup: Departure of the males in Couriered/Maribel today on TV and Livestream

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Today the ZDF, Eurosport and DAZN become part of the celebration
The public broadcaster begins at 10.45 a.m., both on totally free TV and in the livestream through
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Ski Alpine: The World Cup time plan

Status: after 25 athletes
Rank |
1 |
2 |
3 |
4 |
5 |

We continue at the World Cup in the Alpine ski in Sublevel/M tribes
Today on the strategy: the descent of the males
We accompany the phenomenon here in the ticker!
After the ladies defended medals in Maribel the other day, today the gentlemen remain in Couriered
There are routine updates for action here!

Departure of the guys in Courzevel-Die Top-5

Now Marco Zermatt looks up with enjoyment, since Aleksander Almost Wilde is all set
And the Norwegian starts like the fire brigade
The material appears to fit, the Scandinavian is in front right away
Does the 30-year-old manage it so cleanly?
Wilde is brought out far to the
That costs tenths
This is insufficient for the front, half a second is missing out on
Wilde ends up being second
The title appears to be lastly awarded
Zermatt cheers!
Dominik Paris (ITA)
Dominik Paris is now removing for the Italians?
After his fall in the Super G, the 33-year-old is not back
However, Paris can not keep me or Matt
But behind it whatever is possible
However ultimately these are a couple of errors too much
Paris shows up fourth, 4 hundredths are missing out on from the podium, where Florian Schmieder remains third
Travis Along (USA)
Now the next North American is on the road
And when we secure the popular finest time of Zermatt, Travis Along is at first completely included
The American then leaps quite far, and has to drive too much away
No, it suggests excessive gap
Continually wasting time develops up more than 2 seconds at the end
That provides the red lantern
James Crawford (can)
The Super-G world champion pushes into the slope
James Crawford starts promising, but then it indicates that the management is not possible
In view of the great advantage of Zermatt, there is a lot of scope to drive here on the podium
The Canadian leaves a second total, however still conserves second location
Vincent Kriechmayr slides from the Sticker
Mattia Case (ITA)
Mattia Case does not come along with the journey from Zermatt
The Italian seems to be without any opportunity early
The 32-year-old does not discover an attitude to these slopes, gets nearly 2 seconds
Case does not get out of 8th location
Marco Zermatt (Sui)
How does Marco Zermatt do?
The general World Cup leader accelerates
The 25-year-old sets’ interim times
And naturally the federal fully can do the technical
Zermatt drives extremely strongly, which continues to broaden its lead
At the surface, this is more than a 2nd
What type of the finest time is that!
Who should top that?
Niels Hinterland (Sui)
Then the Swiss have their first other half at the start
Niels Hinterland just jumps 23 meters, is there a lack of speed?
In reality, the 27-year-old is initially back, but then catches up
At the bottom, Hinterland is carried out a little far to the
With 14 hundreds behind, the Confederation gets to the bottom and signs up with third parties
Johan Clara (FRA)
Now cheer
The French are eagerly anticipating Johan Clara’s start
However, the 42-year-old old master quickly loses time, the music drives after
This can no longer be fixed, today it is too tight
At the goal, Clara has 8 tenths of hold-up, which is just enough for sixth location
Daniel Hemetsberger (AUT)
Daniel Hemetsberger follows
The OSV professional athlete leaps 37 meters above
No one gets through here entirely clean
The 31-year-old likewise has problems, however the skis run
Helmets fetter remains iron
This ends up being incredibly tight once again
In the end, he lacks nearly two tenths of 3rd location!
Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT)
The defending champion is concerned
Vincent Kriechmayr is there from the start
There is a hundredth of choice
At the intermediate times there is a modification in between red and green
It will be close
And in the end it is not rather adequate for the Upper Austrian
Seven hundredths are missing out on, the title is gone
Florian Schmieder is still ahead
Omar Straining (AUT)
Omar Straining is the first Austrian to set off and quickly absorbs high speed
For the very first time there are interim times
On the way to the trip, the Carinthian throws away quickly before the surface, loses the balance in case of a right of law and comes down
A pity!
Rome Baumann (GER)
Now it is just set out by four Germans
Far, no one was as close to Florian Schmieder
The DSV professional athlete has to put the ski hard
Baumann hurries after the finest time
Very little is missing out on
A lot is still lost on the last section of the route
Therefore 7 tenths of 3 are missing out on!
Adrian Smith Selected (Nor)
Adrian Smith Selected presses up at the top
The Norwegian is dangerous to work, but lost a few tenths
Whatever is still in it
Naturally, the icy slope keeps beating again and again, it has to be cushioned
28-year-olds are also gotten rid of and comes to the bottom with half a second behind
Ryan Cochran-Siegle (U.S.A.)

Date |
Time |
Race |
Mon., February 6:11 a.m. |
Combination of women |
Tue., February 7:11 a.m. |
Mix of guys |
Wed., February 8 |
11.30 a.m. |
Super-G of the girls |
Thu., February 9 |
11.30 a.m. |
Super-G of the males |
Sat., February 11:11 a.m. |
Departure of the females |
Sun., February 12:11 a.m. |
Departure of the men |
Tue., February 14:1 p.m. |
Parallel races of women and males |
Wed., February 15 |
12.15 p.m. |
Group occasion, parallel race |
Thu., February 16:10 a.m. |
Huge slalom of women |
Fri., February 17:10 a.m. |
Giant slalom of men |
Sat., February 18:10 a.m. |
Slalom of ladies |
Sun., February 19:10 a.m. |
Slalom of males |

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