Why World of Warcraft Has Fewer Players But is Still Getting Better

At Wow there is an apparent paradox.
The number of players has dropped-but the video game has nonetheless improved.
For some malicious critics it seems to be clear that World of Warcraft with Dragon Flight has actually had rather a flop.


Blizzard confessed in the financial report that fewer players purchased Dragon Flight than Shadow lands.
Shadow lands, in turn, was generally considered among the worst extensions.

Conversely, that has to suggest that Dragon flight is even worse?
What seems like the most apparent answer in the beginning glance, however, bites with the experience and reports of those who in fact still play World of Warcraft.
Since those who have actually accepted Dragon Flight seems to have a great deal of enjoyable at the minute.
Dragon Flight started with a solid amount of endgame content, makes you wish to do other classes thanks to the skill system.
New functions such as the trading position persuade and there is essentially a great environment in the game.
Many active players have actually even been entitled Dragon Flight as the very best expansion for numerous, numerous years.
At the very same time, Dragon Flight seems better to bind the lower number of players in the long term.
The continuous subscriptions are more than with other extensions.
To put it simply, Dragon Flight has fewer players than Shadow lands, however the lower number of players has more fun.
So how can that be?
Can Dragon Flight truly be so excellent when the number of gamers is lower?
Is that a contradiction?

Battle for Zeroth and Shadow lands stressed out individuals

There is not one reason why Dragon flight attracted fewer gamers than Shadow lands.
There are several factors that play together here:
Shadow lands sold lots of Wow players-and probably that completely.
The compulsory grind was too stressful to do the material thumb too huge.
Some pulled a long-term line under the WoW profession.
The discrimination and sexism scandal at Activision Blizzard also triggered a rethink.
For some, the barrel was full, and they created Blizzard in basic.
Dragon Flight has no exceptional core function and a rather niche subject.
Dragons were mainly treated on the edge and much of their story has so far just been in the books.
These factors all mean that Dragon flight merely not reached all that were otherwise recorded by the hype of a brand-new add-on.
It can be presumed that Wow has now lost some gamers in the long term after nearly 19 years, who otherwise went through thin and thick with their favorite game.
After all, the MMORPG market is big and with Final Fantasy XIV or ESO there are strong options.
That gamers have less and less time for MMORPGs, play in there.
Other MMORPGs have actually recognized this earlier than WoW.

How about Dragon Flight?

Blizzard ought to be clear that Wow has to prove himself once again.
The unshakable trust that players had in Blizzard has actually long been consumed.
When it has to show that it can deliver properly again, WOW is presently at a time.
At least to prepare for 2023 looks good.
6 spots in one year is more than WoW otherwise gets over the course of 2-3 years.
However, the traction of a brand-new growth is missing out on during this time, because Dragon Flight is currently on the marketplace.
World of Warcraft has to make the remaining gamers continue the word to tempt former and brand-new heroes to Zeroth.
Since when a pal tells you that WoW is now perfect once again, it has a substantially more weight than if that states a team of advancement that has consistently dissatisfied in the last few years.
Wow, is presently considerably better than it held true with Shadow lands.
The truth that fewer players get that is a shame, however on the other hand, sadly, something is certainly: earned by years filled with errors.
So that WoW is better and still has fewer players is not a contradiction.
It is the rational consequence of the decisions of recent years and the initial step towards an improvement.
It is not likely that WoW can ever reach the number of gamers from Rage of the Rich King-that should merely not be realistic, if only because of the huge competitors.
However, that World of Warcraft increases its variety of gamers substantially once again seems to be possible at least when the developers keep their course and provide fans what they want.
Or how do you see the whole topic?

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