WoW: Dragon Flight – Well-Meaning Changes Backfire: Troubles Faced by Developers to Fulfill Player Wishes

In WoW: Dragon Flight, the developers satisfy many small dreams to the players.
For instance, you move something from narrow-minded rules and make primeval chaos nearly cross-account or removes the ceiling for bravery points at an early stage.
In addition, after years of insight and increasing Mount drop chances or making the old legion success of the strength of the forces, so that players can use their special artifact weapons transmits on all characters.
With a few of the lots of small modifications with which you wish to help players, however, the designers overdo it.
It is not always an advantage that the Tusk arr banquet is now more active.

fewer players = less great soup

WOW: Well-meaning changes for Festal and World Quests backfire (2) Source: Blizzard
The Tusk arr occasion takes location every 1.5 hours every 3.5 hours through hotfix.
That is excellent at very first look.
Since this often provides you the chance to catch the event.
Because a growing number of players have actually now finished the weekly occasion at an early phase, only little groups of gamers are forming on Knock’s big saucepan.
Even if everyone does their task vigilantly, the soup just attains an impressive quality.
Only from legendary appears at the end of the mob biscuit, which can drop further equipment and a variety of useful things such as dragon manuscripts and rare transmit products.
When the occasion occurred every 3.5 hours, the soup ended up being constantly famous.
Now biscuit barely spawns that can not remain in the interest of the inventor.
Here the developers have actually overemphasized with the goodies.

much better world mission victim = even less sense to make origins

WOW: Well-meaning changes for Festal and World Quests backfire (1) Source:
Just recently, the developers raised the devices benefits for world quests, elite world missions, the first hunt and the siege of the dragon celebrations by 6 to 7 product levels.
Players now get objects with up to product level 389 via elite world missions. These are 4 item levels more than the devices that you survive the upgrading of the storm occasion products.
Here, too, a feature has actually been impaired by a well-intentioned modification or, in this case, has been decreased the value of.
Up until then, the primeval storm occasions were a good way to improve a little powerlessness in the equipment with a brand-new character, with the upgrading items (storm seal) concealed behind time gating.
Currently, the brand-new Zorn DES Storms occasion, which is likewise just gave a couple of 385 items and is linked to time gating, was not particularly preferable.
To cheapen this event about world mission rewards also makes little sense.

however storm occasions will quickly be obsolete…

… since with spot 10.0.7, the designers introduce even more help for gamers, who is well-meaning, but finally devalue both storm events.
Since then, we have the alternative of looting armor token from uncommon mobs and treasures.
These items have products 385 and are even exactly the exact same items as those that we survive updated storm items.
This makes the grind obsolete after elementary overflow and storm seals.
Since even if you only wish to collect the items for Tran smog, you can send out the armor to the best characters.
The tokens are connected.


Those who have elementary overflow for the Stormbalgsalamanther farm install, by the method, can likewise quit.
The mobs on the forbidden island in spot 10.0.7 drop numerous dozen pieces of the resource since instead of a handful of elementary overflow.
Intensify in the exact same update cycle and cheapen the designers some material.
In my opinion, the small goodie updates are of course excellent.
As you can see from the examples, the developers shouldn’t exaggerate it either.
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