Nintendo Summoned to Discuss Purchase of Blizzard Activision – FTC Seeks Representation from Multiple Companies

As in the United Kingdom, the United States Federal Commission of Commerce, or FTC, needs to hear the perspective of multiple companies in the face of Blizzard Activision by Microsoft before giving a final verdict.
Thus, it was recently announced that Nintendo and Google have been summoned by those responsible for Xbox and Call of Duty to discuss this acquisition.
According to Florian Müller, former Microsoft Consultant, Xbox responsible cited Google, while Activision Blizzard called Nintendo against the FTC.
Game Developer has pointed out that these companies have information that could convince the United States agency to be in favor of this purchase.
Similarly, a document issued at the beginning of the month revealed that Nintendo and Google requested extensions to flatter or invalidate the citation.
The deadline for canceling or changing the citation is of February 16 for the Great N, and on the 17th of the same month for YouTube owners.
A citation means that companies have relevant information for a case.
On this occasion, considering that there is an agreement to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo consoles for the next 10 years, surely the great N has been called to defend the purchase.
For its part, Google is likely to be involved in a cloud-related topic.
Unfortunately, for the moment it is officially unknown why these companies have been called, but it is likely that in a few days we have more information.

On related issues, Bobby Kick could continue as the Activision Blizzard CEO.


Similarly, this executive has threatened the United Kingdom CMA.
Editor’s note:
We already saw this same process in the United Kingdom, so it is time for us to see similar statements and documents, but now in the United States.
Considering that the CMA probably emits a negative result for Microsoft, it is likely that the FTC has a similar result.

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