How to Level Up Manufactured Weapons in Destiny 2 – The Best Places to Level Up Your Gear

The weapons that can be manufactured have existed for about a year in Destiny 2, and it is safe to say that leveling them is a great task.
To grant improved advantages to weapons, they must level them up to level 16 and, in some cases, even to level 18, which may require thousands of deaths with the weapon.
However, there are three locations in the game that can help accelerate the process of this frightful task.
So today, let’s talk that the best locations to level weapons that can be manufactured are in Destiny 2.

Short Chi (incursion of the last desire)

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In terms of ease of use and the means to reach the location, the Shuro-Chi encounter of Last Wish Raid is its best option.
Simply carrying the Raid and shooting wish wall with this code, you will be teleported to the Shuro-Chi meeting immediately later.
From there, you can continually use raid banners to recharge your ammunition and skills to defeat enemies inside.
Once there is no more to shoot, clean and do everything again!
On average, you can kill up to 80 enemies before having to eliminate them, which is not bad, but there are better places to choose from.
That said, the following two locations are not easily accessible, so Shuro-Chi will be your best option in most cases.

Golgotha (King’s fall)

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The Garrote meeting of the Fall Raid Kings is simply an improvement in the Shuro-Chi encounter.
Here, more enemies will appear, which will allow you to advance more in the leveling process and at the same time have access to raid posters to recharge your ammunition.
In Shuro-Chi, you can only defeat up to 80 enemies in a single race, but with Golgotha you can reach between 300 and 500 deaths per race before the game eliminates you by force.
However, Golgotha is the third match at Kings Fall Raid.
Unlike Shuro-Chi, you can’t teleport you, so you must gather a fire team, complete the first two games and then clean Golgotha to save the control point and use it yourself.
It is not an easy place to find, but the results are definitely worth it.

in the Deep Mission (Shadow keep campaign)

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The final location is the in The Deep mission of the Shadow keep campaign.
Just when you are about to finish the mission, when you are supposed to escape from the hive, you can stop in this place in the bridge section as shown in the image above.
Here will appear infinite, which makes this place incredible to level the manufacturing primary weapons.

You can use special and heavy ammunition guns, but you will not have an incursion banner to recharge it automatically, unlike the previous locations.
This mission takes place every two weeks, so it is not available at all times unless you have a different character that has not progressed in the campaign.
Anyway, this is the best place to go if you are looking for the manufacturing primary weapons.


That is all you need to know about what are the best places to upload the weapons manufactured in Destiny 2. Be sure to consult our most recent guides in Destiny 2, such as how to complete the entropic shock challenge and more then.
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