Introducing the New WhatsApp Calls App: Make Calls Better on Android & iOS Devices

WhatsApp is supposed to plan a separate call app for Android and iOS devices.
It should be better in many ways than the previous telephone function.
Dortmund-it was a long time ago that you have sent your messages via SMS.
In the meantime, a good 60 million Germans prefer to use WhatsApp.
Send vacation photos or send voice messages-the messenger is completely free.
You only need mobile network or a Wi-Fi connection.
Now WhatsApp wants to replace the telephone function with a new application, like the SMS once.

New WhatsApp function should replace the previous phone calls

If you want to call classically, go to your contacts and select the person you want to call.
A click later, the cell phone rings at the other end.
But that is even easier, says WhatsApp.
According to the Internet portal Future zone, WhatsApp is currently working on creating an app shortcut.
This should simply be able to create their own WhatsApp telephony application.
In contrast to conventional phone calls, there should be a call list for voice and video calls.
You should also be able to access your contacts even faster the next time you call (more digital news at ).

calls via WhatsApp: Existing function is unpopular for these reasons

There is even a function for calling on WhatsApp.
However, it does not seem to be as popular with users.
For many, it is rather nerve-wracking Future zone.
You have to open the app, then navigate to contact, open the chat and then press the icon to call.
The call quality is often not optimal either.
That is why most still use the existing telephony app on the cell phone.


A much bigger problem are nasty fraud stitches via WhatsApp.
Certain phishing messages can quickly cost users thousands of euros.

nasty cost trap: WhatsApp calls are not completely free

Calls about the Messenger are actually free, right?
Not quite!
WhatsApp does not earn anything about the call function, but you should still consider the following in order not to cause hidden costs.
An internet connection is the prerequisite for input and outgoing calls via WhatsApp.
If you don’t have a mobile phone contract or just a limited data volume, you should therefore be careful.

Especially outside the EU, the prices for mobile data can become significantly more expensive.
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